IKEA's brand new collection is full of color and joy – and it's exactly what you need for outdoor entertaining this summer

This vibrant collection promises a stylish summer soiree, but be quick - it's only available for a limited time

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Alfresco dining is right around the corner, and this year the theme for our outdoor entertaining is color - at least, according to IKEA that is. Their latest 30-piece collection contains decor, tableware, and textiles in vivid hues for a vibrant fiesta inspired by Latin America. It's summer picnicking as you've never seen it before. 

A marked departure from the Swedish powerhouse's iconic Scandi-cool aesthetic, the ÖMSESIDIG collection was designed in collaboration with creatives from Mexico, Chile, and Colombia. Bold, bright, and playful, it represents the mutual curiosity between IKEA and the artists to create and learn from each other ('Ömsesidig' translates to 'mutual' in Swedish), and gets onboard with 2023's latest interior design trends.

'We were curious to learn what would happen when different traditions in culture, crafts, and expressions mashed up with the avant-garde scene of design, fashion, food, architecture, and art,' says Friso Wiersma, designer at IKEA of Sweden. 'The result is a vibrant collection that celebrates the diverse talents of our collaborators, where each creative brings their own rich perspective and approach to their design.'

If you're looking to inject some new life into your backyard for an enviable garden gathering, these pieces are a perfect place to start. You'll have to be quick, though - they're available for a limited time only!

What's new at IKEA? 

An outdoor table laid with plates, glasses and cutlery

(Image credit: IKEA)

As far as homeware brands go, IKEA has never been one to shy away from the imaginative and innovative. It should come as no surprise, then, that we've seen a host of bolder products crop up alongside their Scandi-style home decor

Earlier this year, their 2023 collection bought us iridescent vases and art deco lighting, harking back to the early twentieth century. Now, they've decided to cross the Atlantic completely, landing right in the heart of Latin America's colorful and cosmopolitan culture. 

Created with the aim of bringing people together through good food and music - basically everything we love about summer - it includes all you need for outdoor entertaining, from glassware and garlands to cushion covers and a cooler bag. It also includes three different covers for the SYMFONISK picture frame wi-fi speaker. Here, we take a look at some of the highlights. 

Stylish servingware 

To kick off any summer soiree, you'll want some stylish servingware. Luckily, this latest collection has you covered. From ceramic crockery to delicate glassware - and the sleekest, most elegant salad spoons you've ever seen - it has everything you need for your outdoor table setting

For Abel Cárcamo Segovia’s kitchen utensils, the curved shapes and free-flowing, organic lines were inspired by the cueca – the national dance of Chile. 'As I thought about what story I wanted to tell, I realized I wanted to spotlight the role of dancing in Chilean culture,' says the product designer. 'I started thinking about how I could channel the movement and rhythm of the choreography in the traditional cueca to incorporate in my design.' 

Practical picnicking 

In our opinion, the highlight of summer is a picnic in the park. Thanks to IKEA's latest items, you don't need to let your cooler bag cramp your style, either. With functional food storage options and a seriously practical roll-away picnic rug, you'll be prepared for any eventuality with their pretty picnicware (just remember to check the weather forecast first!) 

Outdoor decor

Tasteful decoration doesn't need to stop at the backdoor, especially not during the summer. With this selection of items, you can deck your backyard with decor for a cozy and inviting outdoor living room idea.

Diana Ordóñez’s contributions colorful garland decoration expresses bold and vivid pattern, taking inspiration from Colombia's vibrant carnival culture. 'I really love to use colors in all my art, to make people feel like they are also at a carnival with me,' she says. 'Color is the energy that everybody brings to the party.'

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