Modern gazebos are *the* Fourth of July sale purchase of the year – here's our edit, plus IKEA's incredible offering

A sleek, contemporary gazebo makes a beautiful architectural addition to your outdoor space, and now you can buy one with a budget-friendly price tag

A backyard with a gazebo and a outdoor dining set
(Image credit: IKEA)

Gazebos have come a long way from the retro canvas canopies your grandparents had in their backyard. Now, they're sleek modern structures that, as well as offering shelter, make a beautiful architectural addition to your outdoor space. Installing a bespoke one, however, doesn't come cheap. 

So what do we do when the latest design trend isn't so budget-friendly? We turn to IKEA, of course. Our favorite Swedish homeware brand has released its own take on a stylishly sleek steel gazebo just in time for summer, and it's a lot kinder on your wallet than most. Ready to expand your outdoor modern furniture to include a gazebo? Here's why we think this one should go straight on your wishlist. 

Why invest in a gazebo?

A backyard with a gazebo and an outdoor dining set

(Image credit: IKEA)

There are many reasons why a gazebo should be on your radar right now. Firstly, and most obviously, summer is finally here. We're all looking to spend more time embracing outdoor living while the good weather lasts, so curating a beautiful space to spend time with friends and family is a priority for us all. 

Recently, there's also been a growing appreciation for the outdoor living room. We want our spaces to be transitional, bridging the gap between outdoors and in, and a structure like a gazebo is one of the best ways to achieve this. And of course, there's the shelter a gazebo can offer as an outdoor shade idea. Not only do they offer shelter from the sun's rays during intense heat, but they're also somewhere to seek sanctuary during inevitable rain showers. 

'The perfect garden installation, gazebos are a simple and cost-effective way of turning your outdoor space into a sanctuary,' says Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy. 'Not only in a practical way by providing shelter from unpredictable weather, but also aesthetically, they are a great tool to stylishly create zones within your outdoor space and can provide a focal point for the rest of your garden to center around.'

If that doesn't convince you that you need one, I'm not sure what will. 

The best gazebos in the Fourth of July sales

What does IKEA have to offer?

We can always count on IKEA to offer us stylish on-trend decor on a budget, and their outdoor furniture range is no exception. Now, they've added a gazebo to their roster. 

Priced at $699, the new gazebo - the FÅGELÖN - is their first metal-structured canopy. Measuring just over 9 feet high, and with a 9 foot 8 inch square perimeter, it's the perfect size to fit your outdoor dining set to create a cozy room at the bottom of your garden. We love how the sleek, dark, clean-lined design also adds a modern touch to your space. 

Made from durable powder-coated steel with aluminum beams, the structure is durable and simple to care for. The tinted plastic panels that make up the canopy are water-repellent too, helping to keep you dry during light showers. IKEA is quick to point out that the FÅGELÖN isn't as hard-wearing as a permanent fixed structure, though. During the off-season or windy conditions, they say you should always remove the lower roof panels and store them indoors. The gazebo doesn't provide protection against UV rays either, so you'll still need to wear your SPF, even if you're in its shade.  

That said, while it isn't a fixed structure, it certainly has the feel of one thanks to the metal structure and glass-effect panels. It's easily secured using plastic pegs to fix it to a lawn, but you will need to buy other securing devices if you want to fix it elsewhere, such as your patio or decking. We'd suggest weighted sandbags like these ones from Amazon which can secure up to 150 lbs. 

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