This IKEA Hack Turns the Classic FADO Lamp into a Glowing Cosmic Feature Perfect for a Kid’s Room

With just some gray paint and a sponge, this fun DIY project will turn a plain globe lamp into your kid's favorite celestial night light

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As much as we love a built-in IKEA furniture overhaul, sometimes the simple DIYs are most worthy of a shout-out. When all you need to complete a transformative IKEA hack is a dab of gray paint, a sponge applicator, and a spare 10 minutes, it certainly has our seal of approval.

The FADO globe lamp is an IKEA classic, and while we love the glow it emits across a room, we've discovered a clever hack that gives it a cosmic makeover. The idea comes courtesy of DIYer Nina Lessia (@nina_lessia) who shares her favorite creative projects over on Instagram, and the result is a lunar night lamp that offers a cozy atmosphere perfect for kids' rooms (and, of course, grown-up spaces, too).

There are plenty of quick and easy IKEA hacks out there but this one is extra special because there are no power tools in sight, meaning you can even let the little ones contribute to the project. If you're looking for a weekend activity that puts a creative spin on this IKEA classic, here's what you need to know.

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All you need for this hack is a globe-shaped lamp, some gray paint, and a piece of kitchen towel or a sponge applicator. You'll need to get your hands on a lamp that's detachable from the light source, like the FADO so that you can take the sphere off to paint the surface on the inside.

Once you've removed the lamp from its base, apply a layer of paint with your applicator to get a thin layer of color onto the inside of your lamp. Gently dab the paint onto the inner surface, loading more or certain areas to create the look of a rocky, uneven surface.

When you're happy with the texture you've created, leave the lamp to dry completely. Don't worry about getting a perfect coat. The more imperfectly natural it is, the more it'll resemble the crater-like effect that's seen on the moon. Once you pop the lamp back onto the light source and turn it on, you'll realize just how it makes your kid's room so much cozier.

Cosmic-themed moon lamps have been quite the viral buy of late and we can't help but think that it's probably the new-age version of the nostalgic neon stars that would magically dot our ceilings when we were younger. Our news editor, Lilith Hudson tells me that moon-themed lights are the perfect celestial rendition of the trendy mushroom lamps that we know and love.

'We've seen an emerging trend for fun lamps with quirky silhouettes in recent years,' she says. 'While mushroom lamps have reigned supreme, globe-shaped lamps or pendants have also enjoyed time in the limelight, and this cosmic-themed IKEA hack is a super charming take.'

While this hack works especially well in a kids' room, fun-themed lamps certainly don't have an age range attached to them. 'Give it pride of place on your living room shelves for a cozy ambiance while hunkering down on the sofa,' Lilith suggests.

How should you decorate with accent lamps?

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(Image credit: Gillian Jackson. Design: U31 Interior Design)

Using accent lighting fixtures as not just functional pieces but also as statement decor is becoming more and more common. Victoria Sass, founder of Prospect Refuge Studio, tells us that nothing sets a cozy tone quite like thoughtful accent lighting. 'Take stock of your current collection of table and floor lamps, rearrange to breathe new life into existing pieces, and add where you might have any gaps,' she says.

Experimenting with your lighting is the only way to find what works for your space. Move your mobile lighting around by adding brighter light where you need it and using dimmer lighting to create a more atmospheric appeal in the softer spaces of your home. 'Make sure there is a lamp within arms reach of all seating and tuck a few glowy lanterns into shelves and on counters,' says Victoria. 'Add sconces to passageways and near architectural elements, and hang a plug-in pendant near a favorite chair or by your bedside. Get creative, but variety is key.'

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When it comes to accent lighting, using IKEA's FADO lamp is a brilliant way to introduce a hint of magic to your home. There's something about this glowing moon lamp that soothes the mind while gently brightening a room. If your lamp can't be detached from the light source, you can try to safely decorate the outer surface, just make sure you use less paint to let the light shine through clearly. This IKEA hack is a lighting trend that we can get behind and it's truly a great way to give your child the moon.

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