How to change your Ring doorbell to make Halloween sounds - a perfectly spooky way to welcome trick or treaters

Spook your trick-or-treaters this Halloween with these new Ring doorbell replies. We explain how to install them

ring door bell with projected bats
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Video doorbells are one of the most useful new additions to our homes, but did you know they can do a lot more than simply allow you to see who's waiting at your front door? A clever feature of more advanced doorbells allows you to play automatic messages to your guests. 

Now, home security brand Ring has just announced some new spooky messages for 2023 you can enable on your doorbell just in time for Halloween. With one of these mischievous messages, you can add an extra eerie atmosphere to surprise trick-or-treaters.

By using the Ring video doorbell's 'Quick Replies' feature, you can choose from a new selection of Halloween-themed responses in the voice of Dracula, a witch, a werewolf or the butler of a haunted mansion. So how is it done? 

What are Ring's Halloween Quick Replies?

Whether you have a wired Ring video doorbell or a wireless version, like the Ring video doorbell 4, you can offer trick-or-treaters one of four new spooky replies for 2023 when they call at your door. 

  • “Fire burn, cauldron bubble, leave your message on the double” 
  • “Trick or treat, smell our feet, leave a message at the beep” 
  • “[Howl] Be Right There!” 
  • “Earthling, state your business, your transmission will be beamed to your cosmic colleague momentarily” 
  • “Apologies for the delay earthling, I’m on my way. Activating warp speed in 3, 2, 1!” 

If you have a Ring Chime or Chime Pro, you can also bring the Halloween fun inside by setting a chilling Chime tone to echo around your home every time someone pays you a visit.

If you’re celebrating Halloween with a scary movie, you can answer trick-or-treaters with Fire TV and Alexa voice commands without having to go to the door. You'll see a live, on-screen camera feed of your Ring Video Doorbell and talk to whoever happens to be at your doorstep - perhaps to let them know help themselves to sweets in the porch. (And reassure them that there aren't really any witches at your residence!) 

ring door bell with halloween ghost hand

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How to set up Halloween themed Quick Replies on your Ring doorbell 

So how do you set up the Halloween-themed Quick Replies? First, you’ll need to open the Ring app and then follow these steps:

To set up a Chime tone inside your house, go to the ‘Devices’ section of the Ring app and select your Chime or Chime Pro. Tap ‘Audio Settings’ and then tap ‘Chime Tones’. You can scroll through a selection of tones to find your favourite Halloween sound. Once you’ve chosen your terrifying tone, just tap ‘Save Changes’. 

Why choose 'trick or treat' when you can have both? Now you'll have the spookiest house on your street!

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