Hailey Bieber's Closet Lighting "Makes it Easy to Choose Outfits" Say Experts — Here's How to Copy It

While it might be quite difficult to copycat the fashion in Hailey Bieber's iconic closet, it's not as hard as it seems to get the look of the space itself — and the lighting, in particular

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Love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny that influencers are pretty useful, at least in the e-commerce world. If you've developed an attachment to one person in particular — perhaps because they're a celebrity or have a wealth of knowledge in one specific area — their product recommendations often pack a far more powerful punch than a commercial or traditional Instagram ad might. Someone you trust is telling you to buy this thing, whatever it is. That's different.

I have my own influencers and IG celebrities I turn to in times of need, one of which happens to be Hailey Bieber, model, YouTuber, influencer, and founder of makeup and skincare company Rhode Skin. Thanks to her large fanbase and impeccable taste (which has been featured in the likes of Vogue), Hailey's product recommendations often end up flying off the shelves of whichever retailer they're from, a testament to the strength of her influence and trust imbued in her popularity. And from an interiors perspective, she also often shares clips and photos of her California home on both Instagram and YouTube, channels to which I find myself turning for inspiration (her walk-in shower comes to mind — this is the girl behind the viral 'Who's In My Bathroom?' series, after all).

Recently, as I was scrolling through a slideshow Hailey posted on Instagram, I noticed a photo of the model posing in the mirror in her built in closet (slide 3). The sides of the mirror were perfectly illuminated, the ideal glow for dressing and getting ready, and the overhead and shelving light behind her was soft and slightly dim. It looked so luxurious and warm in there; perfect for trying on a new 'fit.

hailey bieber in front of closet lighting

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The LED mirror in Hailey's closet 'creates a great focal point' in the room, 'as well as provides bright light,' said Dara Greaney, founder and CEO of ledlightexpert.com. 'It is multifunctional, incorporating task and ambient lighting together and adding a layer of elegant style.' And since it's so bright, 'it makes it easy to select outfits/accessories.'

All in all, the photo got me thinking: How easy would it be to replicate this lighting set-up at home? And after speaking to a few experts, it turns out the answer is — not hard at all.

Make your closet look like Hailey Bieber's

Let's start with the mirror — a few LED light strips or stick-on bulbs from Amazon should easily do the trick here. You can either line the edges of the mirror with the strips, or place two bright bulbs on the top and bottom of the fixture. Either option should add some much-needed task lighting to your getting ready process, particularly if your closet or the area around your mirror isn't well-lit. Consider it an instant, non-invasive facelift. 'Battery-operated stick-on lights are a convenient option and really the only way to avoid wiring,' Dara tells me.

Now, although Dara also recommends installing overhead lights for your closet if you can ('Opt for bright 5000k bulbs. Brighter lighting makes it easier to locate items. Always go bright in a closet'), something I love about Hailey's set-up is the soft, gentle overhead lighting; it just feels more calming and luxurious than a bulb that could turn out feeling quite clinical. If that look resonates with you, as well, Hailey has the perfect solution: more task lighting. If you look closely, smaller lights dot the corners of the shelves visible in her photo, illuminating the contents without flooding the entire space with white light. You can easily replicate this look using additional LED light strips or even puck lights, says Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder at Arsight.

'Battery powered LED lighting is a game changer when it comes to adding light' without wiring, he said. 'Adhesive backed LED strips or puck lights can be positioned under shelves or at walls of closets.' For extra comfort, you might even consider using motion sensor/touchless options.

Now that's luxury.

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