Furrion's weatherproof outdoor TVs are trending for 2024 - and they're $800 down right now

Weatherproof outdoor TVs could be the best buy you'll make in the Amazon Prime Day Sales, as Furrion sets you up for a stellar summer next year

outdoor TV on a covered patio by a pool
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The success of every story we wrote about backyards this year proves how much we all want to be outside, and all want a relaxed outdoor space.

Which is where weatherproof outdoor TVs come in. The ultimate in backyard entertaining, in unwinding after a long day, in turning your alfresco space into an extra living room. I can see them being a big design trend for 2024, and so it's with some excitement I've spotted Furrion's mark downs of up to $800 in the Amazon Prime Day sale.

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The best Furrion weatherproof outdoor TV deals

Are Furrion outdoor TVs worth it?

outdoor TV on a covered patio with dining table

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Outdoor TVs are not a brand new concept, but Furrion's have very clever tech embedded into them. The screen is HDR10 which means you can still see the picture when there is full sun or if there's shade - an essential for a set you want to watch outdoors.

It connects to wifi at a long range, meaning you can easily connect it to the house even if you're hanging it on a wall right down to the end of your yard, and its IP54 rating shows that it's tested to withstand UV rays, rain, snow, dust....whatever your yard has to throw at it.

And speaking of, all Furrion TVs also come with a nifty bit of tech called XtremeShield - an impact resistor which means even if a baseball or football gets hurled at it....it'll be ok. Yes, truly.

The Livingetc verdict? For the ultimate in relaxing outdoor spaces, a Furrion TV is fully wirth it. Pair with a portable drinks refrigerator, of course.

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