DIYers Are Framing Vases of Flowers for a Statement Wall Decor Idea — Here's How to Get the Look

This 'framed flowers' idea can be switched up to your heart's desire for a fresh decor idea that brings drama to your walls

A blue wavy frame featuring fresh cut flowers in a vase
(Image credit: Jen Rothbury)

We're seeing a ton of floral trends arising this summer, but the preference for live flower art tops them all. Gone are the days when your cut flowers were limited to a vase - people are now embracing living wall features with an artsy framed twist.

This clever DIY is an updated innovative way to bring attention to a mounted vase and it has an elevated aesthetic for those wanting a more ornate finish to dead wall space. If you're still searching for the best wall art, these framed flower vases are a brilliant living art feature that'll bring a touch of personality into any living space.

Framed Flower Vases for a Summery Wall Decor Accent

We've seen the mounted vase trick to display cut flowers on your wall, but there's a fresh stamp on the trend and we find it to be a creative elevation that favors all chic homes. As seen in the viral Instagram video above, courtesy of Kate Lewis (@k8newyork), she has created a step-by-step guide to DIYing framed vase decor with fresh-cut flowers at the center of it all.

Kate simply hangs up a backless frame and mounts a round flower vase to the wall so that it's in the middle of the frame's interior space. She then pours some water into the vase and fills it with freshly cut flowers for a delightful wall bouquet.

Even Jen Rothbury (@crack_the_shutters), fellow home DIYer, content creator, and mounted flower aficionado, has taken inspiration from Kate and set up a couple of framed bouquets in her home.

Anjie Cho, co-founder of the Mindful Living Feng Shui Design School, tells us that she loves this TikTok trend of framing fresh flowers. 'Everyone should have a spot in their home to display fresh flowers,' says Anjie. 'In Feng Shui, fresh flowers represent and bring the qi (life force energy) of joy into a home.'

Anjie explains that flowers are also said to unstuck energy that is stuck and stagnant. 'Humans long to connect to both beauty and nature and to bring these elements into their daily lives,' she notes. 'Fresh-cut living flowers are a meaningful way to do this.'

Anjie has some of the best feng shui tips for those interested in bringing this trend into your home with intention. She recommends selecting seasonal and local flowers whenever possible to connect with the present moment and environment, and when placed in the kitchen, the display can support your health in nourishment. Similarly, when framed in the living room, it's meant to beautify your everyday life and Anjie finds that it'll enhance your community and friendships when mounted by your dining room.

'Display these framed flower arrangements in your bedroom for a soothing and healing atmosphere,' she says. 'And beside your desk to brighten and refresh your workspace, especially when feeling stuck.'

A living room with a blue curvy frame featuring a round vase of fresh-cut flowers below a blue bookshelf and above a rust orange couch

(Image credit: DIY Credit: Jen Rothbury)

According to interior designer Elissa Hall, the framed vase DIY is a charming and versatile addition to any home in need of accent decor. 'Its blend of natural elements with artistic framing creates a visually appealing focal point that can enliven any space,' says Elissa. 'This project uniquely combines the organic beauty of flowers with the structured elegance of a frame, making it a perfect statement piece.'

Elissa points out that incorporating seasonal flowers allows for dynamic and ever-changing aesthetics, keeping the decor fresh and engaging. When it comes to styling this DIY, she recommends placing it in a room with neutral tones, where the vibrant colors of the flowers can truly stand out.

So if you're looking for a living room DIY weekend project that'll inject some seasonal spirit into your home, give this bloom-adorned DIY a go. And if you're looking to go the extra mile, take a note from Katie and add some wallpaper to the window mat or the mount board for a finishing touch to your floral masterpiece.

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