Folksy interiors are trending – these are the best buys to master the whimsical style, including new favorites from IKEA

These 9 buys are perfect for bringing a contemporary folksy feel into your home

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Heritage prints, decorative borders, and bursts of bright color; just a few of the motifs that epitomize the folksy interior trend that's taking over our homes. The trick to bringing this traditional aesthetic into 2023? Knowing where to find stylish decor buys that give this retro style a contemporary twist, which is where we're on hand to help. 

As a charming, traditional take on decorating, folk-inspired interiors have been on the periphery of the design world for some time. Now though, the style is firmly rooting itself as an interior design trend for the year ahead, with some of our favorite brands cottoning on to the whimsical aesthetic. 

'Folk-inspired design style is a great combination of vintage, colorful, and cozy vibes,' explains Isfira Jensen, NYC-based interior designer and owner of Nufacet Interiors. 'Since it largely draws inspiration from traditional patterns and has strong cultural elements from around the globe, the style is not really about creating a cohesive look, but more about combining items you love to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.'

We all know that IKEA is ahead of the game when it comes to embracing the latest design trends at affordable prices but, with the folk style having originated from traditional Scandinavian crafts and art practices, it's no surprise that the Swedish homeware brand has some of the best folksy decor items to buy right now. Here, we've selected nine of our favorite products from IKEA and beyond perfect for bringing a contemporary folksy feel into your home.

How should you embrace the folk interior trend?

In many ways, the emerging trend toward busy and bold folk-inspired style can be seen as a direct response to the minimalistic, ultra-modern designs that have dominated recent years. 'People are growing bored of picture-perfect, bland, unlivable interiors,' explains Isfira Jensen of Nufacet Interiors. 'They realize that it’s all about coming home to a warm and joyful atmosphere, adorned with objects which hold personal meaning, and this style beautifully captures these sentiments.'

So how should you embrace the idea in your home, especially if you've bought into the more pared-back look and neutral color schemes of the contemporary Scandi decor style? According to Isfira, the trick is to choose a few spaces to center the theme around, with an emphasis on textiles.

'Find a few meaningful patterned textiles, wall coverings, and furnishings and use them in key areas in which to decorate around,' she says. 'Make these pieces colorful, artistic, and cultural, using fabrics as throws or pillows, curtains, or even as bedding. Installing a vintage artsy wall covering in a main living or dining area is also the perfect way to create an inviting, happy space with minimal effort.'

Our pick of the best buys to embrace the folksy trend

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