Celebrities From Selena Gomez to Jennifer Garner Love this Specific Type of Marble For a Super Luxe Look

Calacatta marble is such a classic that it's a mainstay in the homes of the elite - here's why

A modern kitchen with a curved marble island countertop
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Marble is a mainstay in celebrity homes, and there's a specific type that's been spotted in the background of a host of celebrity spaces across social media, from Selena Gomez's kitchen to Jesse Tyler's. While some have paired it with white decor for a minimalist look, others have opted for a wooden combination for an injection of warmth. But, thanks to its versatility, it suits almost every style imaginable.

We know that marble has been the first choice for modern kitchens for the longest time now, but what is it that makes this particular type so special? Besides kitchens, celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow have also used it in their bathrooms, too. The marble variety, known as Calacatta, is such a classic that it’s loved by celebrities and designers alike. Here, we find out why it’s so universally loved. 

1.  A symbol of Luxury

marble sink with bowl of pears, gold tap

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Calacatta marble is a type of Carrara marble that comes from Italy, and it's a popular choice for kitchen countertops (despite some pitfalls when it comes to practicality). Marble more generally has been an enduring material for quite some time, probably because they're the epitome of minimalist luxury, as its appearance in so many celebrity homes goes to prove. 

‘As marble is such a luxurious, daring, and iconic material, it will always have a place in the design world,' says Zack Epstein of Artistic Tile Inc. 'Calacatta Gold has been the top choice for homeowners seeking white marble kitchens and bathrooms for at least 15 years - it's considered the pinnacle of white marble.'

With the increased demand came an increase in price. There came a time where only the most wealthy could afford this sought-after stone in their home. 'So naturally, celebrities want what is perceived as the best, as do most affluent people,' says Zack. 'If price were an indicator of what’s best, Calacatta is king.'

Besides the desirability factor, this delicately veined marble also works well for the minimaluxe trend that's been sweeping kitchens. ‘Calacatta marble adds a modern, luxe touch,' says Jane Thyeson, Design Lead at Smile Kitchens. 'Opting for a marble with veining adds visual interest and keeps the kitchen cozier by steering away from a stark, clinical look often associated with plain white surfaces.'

2. Versatile to Its Core

The versatility of this specific marble makes it a popular choice for bathrooms, too. 'Beyond kitchen countertops, calacatta marble is widely used in bathrooms, flooring, wall cladding, and decorative elements such as fireplace surrounds and backsplashes,’ says kitchen designer Sinead Trainor. 'Its versatility and ability to elevate the aesthetic of any space make it a preferred material for various design applications.'

3. A Reflection of Nature

Marbles have always been a symbol of nature - something that's natural and unique. This appreciation of organic materials is something you see among celebrities and designers alike. ‘There has been a definite move towards the simplicity of nature and reflections of the natural world,' says Mor Krisher, the Head of Product Design at Caesarstone. 

'I think that’s why the current design trends revolve around natural materials, earthy tones, and sustainable products,' he adds. 'Consumers want to surround themselves with products that make them feel a strong connection to the outside world.' The rise of the organic modern style and the use of warm wooden cabinetry - both of which are often paired with a delicately veined marble like calacatta - show how this has manifested in our kitchens. 

What's On the Horizon for 2024?

calacutta marble

(Image credit: Smile kitchens)

Now we know makes calacatta such a celeb favorite, the question is, will it still dominate kitchens in 2024? Although Sinead can't predict whether this marble will dominate the markets in 2024, she does have faith in Calacatta to stay for the long run. For timeless appeal, it's a reliable choice. ‘While trends in interior design can be unpredictable, Calacatta marble's enduring appeal and classic charm suggest that it is likely to remain a sought-after choice in 2024,' she says. 'Its timeless beauty and versatility make it a staple in high-end design projects, ensuring its continued relevance in the world of luxury interiors.'

Zack agrees. ‘Calacatta has been our top seller for over a decade, so I certainly think the trend will continue,' he explains. 'However, one trend we’re currently seeing is customers looking for even warmer calacatta with streaks of dark gold rust veins through them.'

Mor also thinks that kitchen trends are likely to lean more towards white marbles with braver veins in 2024. 'This past year, we have seen increased sample requests and sales of our white marble-inspired products with bolder veining,' he says. Perhaps, then, it's time for calacatta to take a backseat? Only time will tell. 

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