Cardboard furniture is the 2022 modern home must-have we never saw coming

Paper and cardboard have emerged as the latest trending materials for 2022

Cardboard cupboard in a bedroom
(Image credit: ROOM IN A BOX)

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may have concluded in August, but the event sparked an unconventional design trend. Following the news that the athletes slept on recycled cardboard beds (made by Japanese bedding company Airweave), the trend for cardboard furniture has surged, and all for a good reason. 

While thoughts of cardboard furniture may feel synonymous with inevitable disaster, this trend is not all that it seems. Instead, designers worldwide are working to create durable, sustainable, and indisputably stylish pieces that are rapidly reshaping modern home decorating ideas of the future.  

Cardboard furniture

(Image credit: ROOM IN A BOX)

While Airweave arguably introduced the world to the power of cardboard, designers including Berlin-based ROOM IN A BOX and Dresden manufacturers Nordwerk Design are among those making cardboard furniture even more accessible to all. Here is everything you need to know about the industry’s latest fling with paper.  

According to the CEO of Nordwerk, Maximilian Hansen, you don’t need to worry about the longevity of your cardboard pieces, as the idea that they are a fire hazard – or they will fall apart around water – is not true. 

Cardboard furniture in a hallway

(Image credit: ROOM IN A BOX)

‘The reality is, thick rigid paperboard are in the same fire classification as wood. And it can be made flame retardant easily. But the perception is out there,’ Maximilian shares. 

He also addresses the idea of sustainability – suggesting that instead of harming the environment, these cardboard pieces are a more ethical choice thanks to their recyclable qualities.

‘Most European cardboard comes from recycled fibers. And the required new fibers are waste from the wood industry. So there are no trees cut down in order to make paper,’ he explains.

Cardboard furniture in a kitchen

(Image credit: ROOM IN A BOX)

He says that once the truth about its strength and sustainability are well-known, the trend will accelerate further. ‘More and more companies using this material in fields of design – as more people care for the environment and climate change,’ he adds in the discussion of the interior design trend

As the images from ROOM IN A BOX demonstrate, these pieces work in all rooms of the home, from the bedroom and living room – to the new staple of your modern dining room ideas (above). 

However, when experimenting with this trend, Maximilian urges you to invest in high-quality pieces that will complement your scheme – to create the statement you intended.

Cardboard furniture bed

(Image credit: ROOM IN A BOX)

‘Just like wood cardboard comes in different qualities. Often cheap packaging material is mistaken for high-quality rigid paperboards. The latter is what most designers use when making high-quality designs,’ he says. 

Is this the design idea of the future? Only time will tell. We’re willing to invest in this stylish paper either way. 

Megan Slack
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