Okay – these new IKEA sofa covers have changed my mind on a "controversial" couch style I used to dislike

This "dated" detail is reinterpreted with an unexpected minimalist twist and it looks surprisingly modern

interior with blue checked sofas
(Image credit: Bemz)

There was a time when romantic interiors were all the rage. The more frills and pleats and pastels the better. We thought those days were far behind us and we’ve moved towards the modern, minimalist aesthetic that caters better to our hectic lifestyle. 

But maybe it’s the minimalism overload that we’ve been witnessing lately that is making us a bit nostalgic for a more maximalist look when it comes to picking the best couches and sofas. Enter lush fabrics with ruffles and pleats, but not as we know them. 

Bemz, who offers slipcovers in different fits with varying designs for IKEA furniture such as sofas, armchairs, and chairs, has released a new collection named the ‘Modest Maximalist’, and I love how well it represents the common ground between minimalism and maximalism. 

The Modest Maximalist  

linen bed sheets with skirt detail

(Image credit: Bemz)

The collection comes with a ‘maximalist fit’ and is a contrast to the popular ‘minimalist fit’ known to the brand’s followers, and is a beautiful expression of ‘bold maximalism meets timeless elegance’.

If minimalism is all about streamlining the design and making do without unnecessary details, maximalism in interior design is quite the opposite. Think more is more embellishment for the sake of it, with beauty being the main purpose. This collection is the surprising and charming mix of both worlds we didn’t know we needed. 

‘The design flirts with the feeling of hope and anticipation for the future. Now that we're once again traveling, throwing dinner parties, and living life the way we used to, we are open to trying new things and redefining how we express ourselves,' says Filippa Bonde, Head of Product & Production at Bemz. 'Simultaneously, we have a continuing need for a calm and safe space at home.'

My absolute favorite is the Check Linen in Sky Blue, looking absolutely charming on IKEA’s Henriksdal dining chairs and Söderhamn series.

It's all in the details 

yellow sofas with skirt detail

(Image credit: Bemz)

The color palette has a soft, earthy base with light pastel shades as accents, and surprising patterns that have a very contemporary feel. I love the whimsical embellishments of ruffles and pleats, and how they create a beautiful balance with the otherwise much more minimalistic neutral color shemes.  

The fabrics are sustainable and they include a partially recycled linen fabric, while hemp is also introduced for the first time. 

It really is a beautifully optimistic and joyful collection with a playful spirit that successfully mixes mid-century flair and a crafty feel. If I had to sum it up in one word, I’d say it’s ‘heartwarming’, and it's definitely worth having a good look through and bringing some of its spirit into your home. 

The Modest Maximalist Collection consists of covers suitable for sofas, armchairs, footstools, and beds. The collection contains 7 different fabrics in 11 colorways. 

Raluca Racasan
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