Ask Athena: Athena Calderone is here to answer your interiors styling and sourcing questions

Athena Calderone is lending her expertise to Livingetc - submit your queries now

athena calderone
(Image credit: Nicole Franzen)

Interiors expert Athena Calderone is ready to answer your questions about sourcing, styling, placement, paint colours and whatever other queries you might have.

At Livingetc, we're such a fan of her seemingly effortless approach to modern interior design that we've featured her homes on the cover not once, but twice. 

While interior design clearly comes naturally to Athena, she admitted on our Home Truths podcast that she spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect pieces, and in doing so has racked up an impressive knowledge of what is out there and how to use it.

athena calderone

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

From Athena's clever playing around with scale to her use of texture and colour to bring her interiors scheme alive, she brings a poise, elegance and surprisingly homeliness to every room she designs. The brains behind the blog Eyeswoon,  Athena has created a whole new aesthetic, seamlessly blending old and new, modern and traditional, neutral shades with vivid pops. 

So whether your question is about where to find a particular product, how to choose paint or material, what sort of furniture to go for or whether to use curtains, send your queries to with subject line Ask Athena, and we will forward them on to Athena, to be answered on this site in February. Now is your chance to access brilliant expert advice. 

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Please note that no private correspondence can be entered into, and not every question can or will be answered

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