Ashley Graham perfects the trend for lush indoor gardens - with super-low maintenance plants

Ashley’s recent snaps have included an indoor garden that has caught our eye. Here is why pothos plants are the perfect low-maintenance addition to any space

Ashley Graham in red dress at vanity fair party
(Image credit: Alamy)

It is undeniable that house plants are having a moment. And rightly so, as a home accessory which adds life and color back into even the most minimalist of spaces. This is a memo which has clearly reached Ashley Graham who has recently taken to Instagram to show off her array of house plants. 

The model is shown posing in a selfie in what appears to be a kitchen space in front of a wood beam adorned with a mixture of luscious climbing house plants, potted plants and some greenery in hanging baskets. The perfect low maintenance indoor garden.

Though the amount of plants that the kitchen in Ashley's photo boasts looks like a sizeable collection, this look can be easily recreated and maintained. Yes, that means that those less green-thumbed among us wishing to cultivate their own can breathe a sigh of relief. She has nailed the trend for low maintenance plants for indoor gardening.

pothos plant

A pothos plant on a windowsill

(Image credit: Grumpy Cow Studios/Getty Images)

Pothos, Ashley’s climbing plant with large green leaves, is a great choice for those taking the first step into the world of houseplants. Not only are pothos able to cope with limited watering and access to light, designer Jacqueline Gonçalves of Moksa Studio in Los Angeles says pothos “purify the air, removing common toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, and benzene.”

Two pothos houseplants suspended from macrame hangers against a white wall

(Image credit: Alamy)

This genus of flowering plants from the Araceae family are also the perfect visual companion for dark beams, as Founder of Chill Casa, Madison Popper highlights saying: “Long, trailing plants like Ashley’s are a total win in a space with neutral color palettes and long wood beams. They soften those clean lines and add a touch of gentle movement. It's like a stylish dance party for your eyes!”. 

It is this sense of Mother Nature that ensures that any space decorated with cascading leaves instantly feels airier and thus, more relaxing. Artem Kropovinsky, of New York design studio Arsight, tells us “climbing houseplants create a dynamic vertical element, drawing the eye upwards and making spaces feel taller and more expansive.”  

Luckily for us, recreating Ashley’s lush indoor garden couldn't be easier. Gonçalves reminds us that “ there is really no wrong place to put a plant!”. She says: “Find a place where they are out of the way so they don’t need to be moved like a bookcase, desk, side table, dresser, counter, the options are endless.”

Kropovinsky’s additional tip for choosing the right plant for your home is also one to note. He says to “consider the light needs of the plant, the scale of the plant relative to the space, and the visual balance within the room.” 

Start by heading to a local nursery or houseplant shop where the knowledgeable staff can help you pick your plants and, as Kropovinsky rightfully recommends, initially choose a low-maintenance house plant to grow your own confidence. This can be a pothos for a lively kitchen like on Ashley Graham’s instagram, or conside what plants are best for a lush indoor garden, like ZZ plants, snake plants or succulents. 

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