Here are All the Ways Your Alexa Device Can Help With Your Houseplant Care

Thanks to some clever new features, your Alexa smart speaker can now offer a bespoke botany service to keep your indoor garden looking its best

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Houseplants have been a staple feature in our homes for decades, and these days, smart speakers are, too. While your Alexa and Aloe Vera serve very different functions, the two sideboard inhabitants actually have a closer link than you'd think, and that's because your Amazon Alexa device doubles up as a helpful houseplant assistant.

After teaming up with leading botanist James Wong, Amazon has upskilled Alexa's plant knowledge and launched new featured routines to help us care for our favorite foliage. Even the most experienced green-thumbs need a helping hand with their plant care from time to time, and there are myriad reasons for bad plant health, whether it's an inconsistent watering regime (that one's on you) or signs of a damaging leaf disease (for which you're probably not to blame).

Sometimes a little encyclopedic plant knowledge is all that's needed to remedy the problem and that's where your Alexa is here to help, all thanks to the introduction of some nifty new features. Here are four of the best Alexa skills to turn your Amazon device into a personalized houseplant care assistant.

1. Schedule watering regimes

A grey Amazon echo dot smart speaker on an entryway sideboard next to a potted houseplant

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We're all guilty of neglecting our watering regime every now and then, but if you're the type who needs a gentle reminder, why not ask your Alexa to give you a helping hand? Not only will your smart speaker inform you how often to water your houseplants, but it will schedule reminders too, so you never forget to feed your thirsty plants again.

As part of the new 'Plant Whisperer' routine introduced by the Amazon team, you can set up the feature in the Alexa app. If you want to take your plant parenting even further, you can also set up reminders to check on your houseplants - an especially pertinent task now that warmer weather is upon us.

'Alexa’s knowledge meets our love for plant care,' says Meryem Tom of Amazon Alexa. 'With the summer coming up, it’s the perfect time for our customers to have a play around with the new Alexa routine and level-up their plant care skills in the process.'

2. Whisper to your plants

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While it might sound absurd, word within the botany community is that talking to your houseplants can actually boost their growth, and research shows that sound can have a positive effect on your plants. If you're a dedicated houseplant owner you might be doing this already (consciously or not), but if you don't have the time to chat to your greenery, you can ask Alexa to whisper positive affirmations to your plants instead.

To use the new feature, simply say, 'Alexa, be my plant whisperer' to hear your speaker whisper positive affirmations to your houseplants such as: 'Hi little plants, you're looking really green and groovy - I'm sending you good vibes to grow strong and healthy.'

It might sound unnerving, but psychologist Dr Sophie Mort says your indoor garden is bound to love it, plus the mindful action can have great benefits for us, too. 'Plant care is an incredible way to practice mindfulness,' she says. 'It creates feelings of comfort and relaxation as well as a sense of pride when we see the plants we tend to flourish.'

3. Answer your plant-care questions

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We already know that Alexa has a wealth of encyclopedic knowledge that makes everyday tasks so much easier, but the Amazon team has recently improved the breadth of your smart speaker's houseplant expertise, too.

Alexa users can now ask over 35 new questions about their favorite house plants, including 'How much light does my Aloe Vera need?', 'How often should I water my cheese plant?' and 'How often do I repot my peace lily?'.

Depending on the answer, Alexa can also prompt you to activate a new featured routine that will create the optimum growing conditions for your potted pals. Next time you're wondering how to propagate your spider plant or which houseplants are best to clean the air, let your Alexa do the research on your behalf.

4. Activate smart grow lights

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Many don't realize that Alexa devices are so much more than just a smart speaker. These clever little gadgets are compatible with innovative plugs, bulbs, and thermostats to make your space work smoothly and allow you to set up a smart home. One of the key ways that can benefit your houseplants is with an LED grow light, a piece of kit that can be especially important to your plants during the dark winter months.

With the help of a smart bulb (like this one from Amazon) or smart plug (like this one from Walmart), you can set your grow light to provide optimum light and temperature settings to keep plants alive and well when they need an extra helping hand. Simply ask your Alexa device to turn your grow light off or on, or set a timer routine so your light automatically turns on and off when you need it to.


How do you turn on the new Alexa 'Plant Whisperer' routine?

Itching to set up your Alexa devices as a personalized plant care assistant? All you have to do is open the Alexa mobile app and select ‘more’ from the bottom navigation menu. From there, select ‘routines’ from the options then tap ‘featured’ from the sliding top menu. Next, select 'Plant Whisperer’ and choose the devices you wish to feature in the routine before hitting save. To get going with the routine, just say ‘Alexa, mind my plants' and she'll initiate your custom plan. Caring for your houseplants has never been easier, and it's all thanks to one of the best smart speakers on the market.

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