Abigail Ahern reveals her simple bathroom styling secret for a luxurious space

This bathroom styling tip will make things feel more put together

pink sink vanity with black wall panelling and floral pink wallpaper
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We sometimes forget that out of all the rooms in the home, the bathroom is the one guests are most likely to visit. It is therefore a space that really deserves that little bit of extra love; those finishing touches that make it feel more calming, so it's not just somewhere to dash in and out again.

Abigail Ahern has just shared an incredibly easy luxury bathroom idea that will do just that. The queen of moody maximalism explains why putting bathroom items on a small tray totally elevates how your bathroom looks and feels.

grey modern bathroom with shower and large sink unit

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In the same way some flowers, tissues and decor pieces on a tray makes your coffee table look organized, bathroom trays take things to another level. On her latest Instagram video in which she shares her interior design tips and tricks, Abigail Ahern speaks about how adding small touches totally alters how you feel in your bathroom. 

Because while it's lovely to know the bathroom is prepped with a fresh hand towel and candle for when people come over, it's also where you start and end your day. In the video, Abigail Ahern picks up a small wooden tray in a circular form that she keeps her flannels in, as well as a larger, curved concrete tray for bottles of handwash by the sink.

'Everything is on a tray,' she says as she shows followers inside her bathroom. 'If I just had a lot of things on a surface, it just looks a bit messy.'

amber glass soap dispenser on wooden tray

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It's true that displaying aesthetically pleasing bottles of soap, moisturiser and other bathroom essentials on a textural tray instantly makes them look more curated. Bathrooms are of course highly practical spaces that can get overcrowded with skincare and beauty products. 

But the more trays and bathroom storage options, the more 'together' things will feel. Not to mention that this simple bathroom styling tip will also make cleaning the bathroom more straightforward with fewer individual items to move out of the way before cleaning surfaces.

As well as unifying smaller bathroom bits and pieces, wooden, ceramic and marble trays introduce different textures, materials and colors into the space, which instantly makes it more interesting.

small wooden stool in a bathroom with free-standing white tub and white wall and floorboards

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Following on from this, little wooden stools with neatly rolled bath towels resting on them are another fab bathroom accessory that will make your bathroom feel just that bit more luxurious and sanctuary-like.

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