This Simple, Inexpensive Trick will Make your Candles Look so Much More Expensive

DIYers will love this genius way to create personalized patterned candles, perfect for a striking tablescape

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Candles are one of the best ways to add ambiance to a space. Their warm glow instantly makes a room feel more homely, and we've recently seen a rise in unique candle designs that bring visual interest to a space, too. Everything from funky colors to unusual shapes is now on offer, and they've become a central part of our decor.

The best candles help add a personalized touch to your home, and now there are even ways to design your very own DIY candlesticks that look super stylish and luxurious. You might have seen people painting intricate designs on candles and thought about trying to do the same before remembering your artistic ineptitude. 

Fortunately, we've found a genius trick that provides a similar effect without the need for a steady hand or artist qualification. Here we explain how you can turn basic candles into an expensive-looking decor piece with items you probably already have lying around at home. 

We love the look of decorative candles as part of coffee table decor, mantelpiece decorating, or a wider tablescape, and it can look extra stylish if the candles reflect your wider style and complement their surroundings. This isn't always easy to do with limited options available, however, we've seen a clever DIY doing the round on social media that utilizes items you probably already have to create a completely unique and personalized candlestick.

Lifestyle influencer and avid DIYer Kenzie Ervin shared this hack with her followers and we were shocked at how expensive her candles look. Considering the fact you can get all your tools for under $10, or you may already have them, these candles look incredibly luxe.

A Christmas tablescape with place names

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To complete this nifty hack, you'll need some plain white candle sticks, paper napkins with your desired print, and some contact paper. The DIY involves peeling the paper napkin apart to give you two finer sheets, one with the design on the other blank. Then cut this to fit around your candle, covering with contact paper or wax paper, and blasting it with a hair dryer. Once you peel away the papers you will reveal a candle that has been imprinted with the napkin design of choice.

The options are limitless when it comes to napkin designs, meaning the opportunities to personalize your candles are virtually endless. You can find a design to match your decor or even to fit with different holidays for a seasonal tablescape, and at such an affordable price you can switch up your designs as often as you like. Our only warning is that they might be so beautiful you won't want to burn them!

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