What's the Next Zellige Tile? The Trendy Choices Bathroom Designers Are Looking to For 2024

Planning a bathroom renovation but not sure what tiles to go for? We’ve asked the experts what trends we expect to see in the new year

A bathroom with white zellige tiles and gold plumbing fixtures
(Image credit: Bert & May / Sarah Southwell)

Tiles are a key feature of any bathroom design and are a great way of adding texture, colour and pattern to your space. Tiling an entire bathroom is a commitment and you want to choose a tile design that you love and aren’t going to get bored of. Zellige tiles had a real moment in 2023 because of their irregular and handcrafted nature that resulted in an undone rustic look but what tiles are going to be big in 2024?

We consulted the experts to see what style of bathroom tile ideas are going to be at the top of interior designers wish list next year. 

1. Embossed tiles

embossed tiles in bathroom

(Image credit: The Home Depot)

Flat matte tiles definitely had their time to shine but arguably they can look quite dull and flat in some bathrooms. Choosing a tile with texture and that feels more tactile is going to be a popular alternative for 2024. California based interior designer Sarah Barnard explains that ‘embossed ceramic tiles offer endless texture possibilities, from delicate floral motifs to geometric forms. I love using embossed tiles paired with dramatic natural stone slabs’. 

Using embossed tiles on the walls and oversized stone slabs on the floor creates a wonderful contrast, especially if you choose two tile designs that boast the same color palette but have a distinct difference in texture. This results in a cohesive bathroom design with lots of visual interest.  

2. Three-dimensional clay tiles

Grey tiled bathroom

(Image credit: Sarah Barnard Design)

Natural materials are synonymous with contemporary bathroom designs. To create a relaxing space that feels soothing and calming goes hand in hand with feeling close to nature. Sarah Barnard claims that ‘natural materials are ideal for bathroom remodelling projects because they help ground us with a visual connection to the natural world. One of my favorites is three-dimensional clay tiles with a smoked finish that results in a silvery sheen’.

Three-dimensional tiles are extremely tactile and add a noticeable extra layer to bathroom wall ideas. This statement design will evoke images of luxury hotel rooms and spas. So, if this is the look you want to create then 3D clay tiles may be the perfect style for you.

3. Square grid tiles

White tiled bathroom

(Image credit: Branca and Co)

Simple, grid style tiles provide a clean and contemporary look. Offering the opposite effect to 3D or textured tiles, square grid tiles are totally flat featuring lots of grout lines.

A fuss-free white grid tile contrasted with black grout creates a bold contrasting look that is reminiscent of trendy restaurants or cafes in bustling Manhattan. Or, if you’re a fan of color then the simplicity of this tile design lends itself perfectly to a vibrant pop of sunshine yellow, red or green. 

This bathroom tile trend may be simple, but being bold with colors of both tile and grout can make for a brilliant statement. 

Becca Cullum-Green
Freelance writer

Becca Cullum-Green is a freelance interiors content creator and stylist. She fell in love with interiors when she landed her first job as an editorial assistant at a leading UK homes magazine fresh out of university. You can find her renovating her 19th-century cottage in the Suffolk countryside, consciously trying not to paint every wall with Farrow and Ball’s ‘Pitch Black’. Her signature style is a mix of modern design with traditional characteristics. She has previously worked for House Beautiful, Grand Designs, Good Housekeeping, Red, Good Homes and more.