What does your front door color say about you?

These are some of the most popular front door colors, but what do they say about you and your home? We asked the experts

A front door in blue
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Choosing the perfect paint color for your front door is more important than you might think. Welcoming guests with a first impression, the chosen color is the first chance you get to put your stamp on your home and showcase your personality, all before your visitors have even stepped indoors. 

It's a subtle yet powerful expression of character, so think carefully before investing in that pot of paint and make sure the color you select has real staying power. ‘A fun pop of color can make an impact and grab attention to let visitors know how to approach your home, while traditional shades that complement your home’s charm and design can create an overall cohesive look on the exterior of your space,’ says Ashley Banbury, senior color designer at Dutch Boy Paints. I've spoken to the paint experts to find out the most popular colors for front doors, and what they say about you and what guests can expect from the rest of your home.

1. Red

A red painted door

(Image credit: Emily Henderson)

Red is a powerful shade and makes a statement when selected as your front door color. It's bold, and cheery. ‘To me, someone with a red door means they are fun, yet polished, reserved,’ says Monica Breese, founder of NYC-based home design and staging studio, The Designed Domicilio, and a real estate broker with Compass. Red also has a homely, welcoming feel, with connotations of the classic red barn, white house and black shutters look It's exactly for these reasons that designer and blogger, Emily Henderson opted for a bright red door, inspired by her husband's traditional farmhouse upbringing. 'We ended up choosing Poinsettia SW 6594 by Sherwin-Williams, but Tanager SW 6601 was a close second and checked the box,' says Emily.

‘A red door radiates confidence and independence too,’ adds Kat Aul Cervoni, founder of landscape design firm, The Cultivation. ‘People with red front doors have a can-do personality and are very capable. You appreciate being fashionable and have a style and vibe that is uniquely, authentically yours.'

2. Black

A black front door

(Image credit: Ellen Mcdermott. Design: OAD Interiors)

Black is another of the more popular choices for front doors - perfect if you are a homeowner who wants to pick a front door color but wants to rise above trends - recognizing that your tastes and styles might change. Black is the safe choice as it's timeless and you can rest assured that won't go out of style. 

It's also reflective of your more refined and minimalist character, as the color reflects sophistication and elegance, easily pairing with everything (from your front yard flowers to the color of your home's exterior brickwork). 

'Black is the quiet luxury of door colors,' says Kat. 'This color says classic and sophisticated with an updated, contemporary sensibility. If you pick black, you are known for being stylish and with good taste while remaining understated.' In this way, black front doors are a guaranteed way to make your front door look more expensive

3. Yellow

Traditional clapboard cottage with bright yellow front door and white paling fence at Provincetown, Cape Cod

(Image credit: Tim Graham/Alamy)

Yellow by its very nature gives off a welcoming vibe to your visitors. It is a burst of sunshine and joy that radiates positive energy in your front yard. ‘Embrace bold choices like unconventional yellows in the right context,’ encourages Rayman Boozer of Apartment 48. ‘Your front door is an opportunity to express your style and create anticipation for the unique charm that awaits guests inside.’

'If you pick yellow, you have a bright and cheerful personality and love being around people,' says Kat. 'You are playful and fun-loving and don’t take yourself too seriously. Your style may be traditional or contemporary, but you appreciate adding modern elements and bringing unexpected twists into your interiors. 

4. Green

A green front door

(Image credit: Jack Lovel Photography. Design Pitch Architecture + Design)

Green is another timeless color that is a conscious choice for those who want to forge a link between the front door design and nature surrounding their home. Green subconsciously instills positivity and so is another great way to make a front door look cozy.

For Monica, shades of green can vary so much so different hues of green mean different things. ‘A green front door owner is keeping with tradition in that deep hunter or spruce, but if they deviate to a sage or mint, there is something magic brewing behind that door,’ she says.  

'You are health-conscious and well-organized (especially financially),' says Kat. 'From a style standpoint, you may lean modern, traditional or eclectic, but have an appreciation for antiques (especially fine ones),' says Kat. 'You’re down to earth, but also appreciate the finer things in life.' 

5. Blue

A blue front door

(Image credit: Dutch Boy Paints)

A blue door can indicate a calm and peaceful nature, showing trustworthiness, reliability, and a serene personality. 'This color in all its hues exudes positivity and optimism as well as calm, peaceful, and uplifting energy,' says Kat. 'You’re a kind and thoughtful person who appreciates art, beauty, and the natural world.'

Remember that there is a wide range of blue shades out there when it comes to options for blue doors. ‘Light blue is often linked to calmness, stability, and trust,' says Ashley Banbury, senior color designer at Dutch Boy Paints, part of Sherwin Williams. 'Meanwhile, a royal blue grabs attention while balancing tradition. 

'With blues, they tend to be regal if they choose a navy or dark blue tone, while a teal or sky blue shows them as soft yet with a little spunk,' adds Monica.

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