This Genius Amazon Buy Will Help You Hang Your Art Perfectly Every Time — I Wish I'd Found It Sooner!

Say goodbye to annoyingly crooked wall art with this clever tool that makes sure your frames are picture-perfect

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One of the easiest ways to dress up an empty space is with an ornate piece of art or two. Framed prints and painted canvasses can infuse any space with tons of personality and they are often the focal point of the room they reside in. Since most art draws eyes with ease, it's not only important to ensure that your art collection connects with the ambiance of the space but also that the frames are hung perfectly for clean lines.

However, we know that it's easier said than done. We've all struggled with how to hang a picture before and been awfully close to calling it quits - all because we can't seem to hang the frame symmetrically - but we just found an amazing solution to our problems that makes it easy to hang our art at a moment's notice. And from what we hear, it's a reliable companion to interior designers alike.

Viral hack to hang your art with ease

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We came across this clever picture-hanging tool, available at Amazon, in a recent Instagram video, courtesy of home decor enthusiast Elena Lohse (@thishouse5000). In it, she uses a marking tool along with a liquid level to hang her picture so that it's flawlessly straight. Elena places the bubble level atop the frame and secures the markers to the lateral upper edges of the painting before aligning it against the wall. She then hammers the nails into the two marked spots, before hanging up her art to give it pride of place on her wall.

According to Priyanshi Jain, founder of Pixels & Spaces, using a bubble level is a classic and essential tool for ensuring pictures are hung straight. 'This technique of hanging art has become quite popular as it provides the satisfaction of attaining precision,' she says. 'As an interior designer, I recommend this tool as it's a great way to make sure your frames are not misaligned. And it helps that it's compact which makes it easy to carry and store.' Whether you're decorating your bedroom or your living room, this wall-marking tool is sure to come in handy in time for your next re-decorative spree.

Interior designer Tina Priestley points out that this tool is a game-changer for anyone looking to achieve a perfectly hung piece of art without the usual hassle. 'One of the best things about this kit is how it marks your nail holes precisely where they need to be, ensuring your artwork hangs straight and securely,' says Tina. 'The built-in bubble level is a fantastic touch, helping you avoid the frustration of crooked frames. It's especially useful for hanging items on different surfaces like drywall, concrete, and brick, which can be tricky with traditional methods.'

Besides hanging art, Tina also recommends using the marking kit to display cherished family photos, statement mirrors, or even seasonal decorations. Additionally, she points out that the reusable nature of the marking pins allows you to keep your walls ink-free and you can always swap the nails for command strips, which makes this a perfectly renter-friendly wall decor hack. So the next time you're attempting to display your art sans crooked frames, try using this nifty tool to give your walls that gallery-esque finish.

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