5 Things People With Comfortable Homes Never Have in Them (That You Might Want to Rethink in Your Own)

If your home is not as inviting as you'd like it to be, you might want to reconsider these things

Modern living room space with blue armchairs, couch and wooden accents
(Image credit: Tim Hirschmann / Assembledge+)

You know that feeling, when you walk into a friend or family member's home and you just get this overwhelming sense of peace. Sometimes, a change of surroundings, and an evening in a comfortable living room, is all you need to feel refreshed. Even still, we all know that one person who deserves a little extra credit for nailing a truly comfortable home setup, on every visit.

Sure, their hosting skills might be up there (you got a cocktail on arrival and the cheese board was great), but there is more to it than entertainment. And as you can imagine, their approach to decor and even their interior design scheme plays a role in making you feel content in the space.

If your home isn't feeling as comfortable as it should, could it be that yours has some uncomfortable features or actual pieces that need reassessing? I spoke with designers that make style, and comfort a priority in their projects, these are the things people with comfortable homes simply never have:

1. Overly 'fussy' decor

neutral living room looking onto hallway with console

(Image credit: Dan Cutrona Photography)

We have been tapping into quiet luxury interiors all year, and this couldn't be more on point than in a comfortable home. Loud and (slightly) obnoxious decor will not create a tranquil atmosphere, primed for lounging and feeling comfortable in.

'You won't see overly ornate or fussy pieces in the spaces,' says Rayana Schmitz, the founder of Firefinish Interiors who leans much more towards a warm, tonal color palette for a sense of calm. As we can see from this neutral living room, Rayana does a cool and 'comfortable' home look very well.

Neutral living room with wooden end table and square white coffee table between couches with tuplips

(Image credit: Dan Cutrona Photography)

Anything with too much going on is simply overwhelming to the space, and everyone in it. 'These can detract from the simplicity and functionality that are hallmarks of modern design,' continues the designer. 'We prioritize clean lines, minimalism in interior design, and functionality, which helps create spaces that feel effortlessly stylish and inviting, free from the distractions of clutter and excess ornamentation.' Even a minimalist home can feel comfortable, take a pared-back Scandinavian design approach and curate beautiful items that serve more than one purpose.

2. Dull or dated materials

Living room with curved gray colored tub armchairs in front of wooden coffee table and couch rich with texture

(Image credit: Lisa Romerein / Assembledge+)

In comfortable homes, you get a real sense of feeling invited. And even if that person loves an interior design trend, they still show a sensibility to the types of textures, shapes, and finishes in their space. 'Creating a comfortable home is all about finding balance,' says David Thompson, Principal and Founder of Assembledge+ . 'Too few or too many shapes, textures, and colors can leave a space feeling either dull or chaotic.'

From retro-inspired furniture designs to colorful tables, incorporating new looks into your interior design scheme will keep guests on their toes and your home looking fresh, just be mindful of how much you add of one thing and when in doubt, prioritize those with timeless appeal. 'Choosing a rich and complementary palette of materials is essential to adding depth and character.'

3. A lack of natural lighting

Modern living room space with blue armchairs, couch and wooden accents looking onto patio deck

(Image credit: Tim Hirschmann / Assembledge+)

warm wood paneled living space with bench and throw overlooking tropical courtyard

(Image credit: Tim Hirschmann / Assembledge+)

Every comfortable home is completed with a thought-out lighting scheme, and dull or dimly-lit convivial spaces are not a thing. 'Even the most curated palette can lose its luster without proper lighting,' continues David. 'Incorporating natural light is crucial for bringing warmth and well-being into your space, essential elements for crafting a comfortable home.'

Since we can't all be blessed with heaps of natural light, take time to layer task, ambient, and accent lighting, paying close attention to the mood you are trying to create and the intent of that space. The wrong colored bulb is a major lighting faux pas to avoid, especially if you want cozy surroundings.

4. Glass-topped coffee tables

Light living room with rich colored upholstered couches and pool table in front of window with curtains

(Image credit: Michael Clifford for Ward + Gray)

The best glass-top coffee tables can definitely deliver on a modern look, but if comfort is your number one priority, consider a design in a material that has a softer edge to it. Christie Ward, one of the founders of the interior design firm Ward + Gray tells me why: 'Personally I've never liked the look of a glass tabletop in a home, it feels too harsh in a space. We prefer an upholstered ottoman or an antique coffee table to make a space feel more cozy and intimate.'

There are lots of other coffee table alternatives to consider, but if you really don't want to replace your current piece, you could soften it with coffee table decor.

5. Non-existent storage in spaces that need to be relaxing

Just as the right storage ideas are a key component for those who have clutter-free living rooms, the same investment should be part of a comfortable home setup. This is how Staver Gray sees it, especially in spaces where you need to feel relaxed and clear-headed.

'Not investing in storage solutions, especially in kitchens,' is something people with comfortable homes never do, says the co-founder of Ward + Gray. 'We love using clever ways - like appliance garages - to store kitchen equipment. Reducing clutter on countertops will instantly make a space feel more relaxing and comfortable.'

The bedroom is another area that likely needs paying particular attention to here. As does your WFH setup, a minimal home office might improve concentration after all....

Be it the right textures or paint colors that will make you feel calmer, every comfortable home will look a little different. See what speaks to you the most and here are some of the things you can let into your space as our designers said:

Camille Dubuis-Welch
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