5 Things People With Great Guest Bathrooms Have to Make Them Feel Like You're in a Hotel

Discover the things expert hosts do to give their guests the 5-star stay, as suggested by designers

A quiet luxury bathroom with wood, marble and limewash walls
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The holiday season is upon us, and it is a time when we may have more guests than usual. Whether you have family staying over or just visiting for the evening it is nice to make their experience as special as possible. While we always set the table, and have the drinks selection fully stocked up, the same attention should always be extended to your guest bathroom,

When people come to stay we want them to feel as if they are at a 5-star hotel. The key to this lies in the small finishing touches that don't require you to engage in any elaborate modern bathroom ideas. Sometimes it is the simplest change that can make all the difference. Ensuring you have enough towels for your guests is rudimentary and your prep shouldn't end there. 

We spoke to interior designers and expert hosts to find out the thoughtful things they do to make their guests feel like they have walked into a luxury hotel. Check out these 5 tips if you want to excel at hosting this year.

1. Be a Minimalist

Warm white bathroom with stone freestanding bath

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To transform your guest bathroom into something that resembles your favorite hotel, you must first think minimally. This isn't to say you must have a minimalist bathroom, as we aren't all that way inclined design-wise, but you should reduce the amount of stuff cluttering the space.

The best hotels are a blank canvas, your guest bathroom should be the same. 'Remove anything that isn’t necessary,' says interior designer Tyler Del Vento, founder and principal designer at TDV Design. 'Neatly place what is necessary in closed storage cabinets or bins and keep surfaces clear except for tissues with a tissue box cover and coordinating pump hand soap and lotion set.'

Removing any personal items will allow your guests to feel fully comfortable in their space, as they would in a hotel. 

2. Spare Toiletries

organizing a bathroom cabinet

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When going to stay somewhere it is inevitable you forget at least one thing. If you are eager to be crowned host of the year anticipating these items and having them stocked up for your guests is the thing to do. 'Keep it simple and organized like you would see in your hotel bathroom,' says Dorothy Macik of Dorothy Macik Design. Have all the essential toiletries neatly organized in a cabinet like toothpaste, cotton pads, and shower gel that your guest can pinch. There are plenty of bathroom organization ideas out there to help you order the space according to your needs.

'If you really want to have your guests feel at home and pampered, have a fresh robe and slippers,' says Dorothy. this will go a long way with guests who are wry from traveling.

3. Ambient Lighting

wall lights in a small powder room

(Image credit: Benedetto Rebecca. Design: Charles Cohen Designs)

Bad bathrooms have brutal lighting that makes anyone who stands under it look their worst. Lighting is essential for setting the mood for a space and is pivotal in creating your luxurious guest bathroom. 

'Ambient lighting, such as dimmable lights and classy sconces, is very important as it adds to the overall mood of the space,' says Artem Kropovinsky, founder at Arsight. If you are lucky enough to already have warm dimmable lights then you are all ready for guests, if not there is some work to do. The first step is to switch out your existing bulbs to something warmer, you will be shocked at how transformational this is. If you find the lighting is still somewhat off-putting, try incorporating candles into your setting for a spa-like bathroom

4. Scent

wood bathroom vanity with two shelves and gray marble worktop, dark green tiles, large window and oval mirror

(Image credit: Eymeric Wilding Photography. Design: Mera Studio)

We all know how important scent is at this time of year for making your home cozy and Christmassy. You may have stocked up on candles, room sprays and diffusers in the recent sales, but there are also things you can do to create an amazing-smelling bathroom.

'Candles give that bathroom ambiance with lighting and scent, that is a sure way to set the mood,' says Dorothy. 'A premium scented candle is a way to keep the bathroom fresh and give the space a signature scent,' she explains. All the best hotels always smell incredible, extending your home scent to the guest bathroom will instantly elevate your guests experience. If you are worried about leaving open flames unattended try reed diffusers or draw liners, like these diffusers from Amazon, to add a subtle fresh fragrance.

5. Matching Items

A bathroom with double mirror

(Image credit: Amos Goldreich Architecture. Photo credit Ollie Hammick)

If you want to go the extra mile in achieving a luxury guest bathroom, think about investing in matching items. It will make your space look far more curated and give that designed feel. 'Whether it is matching liquid hand soap and hand cream bottles on your countertop and fresh towels set that match, these details go a long way,' says Dorothy. Either invest in a high-quality hand soap or a refillable bottle that you can decant into. Match the colors and materials with other items such as a trash can.

Opt for matching towels to bring the luxe factor. 'A full body, face, and hand towel offering is a way to elevate something as simple as towels,' says Dorothy. this will give the interior designer look and feel for your guests to enjoy.

These tips might seem obvious, or simple, but together they make a world of difference to the look and feel of your guest bathroom and the experience of your guests.

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