The 5 Things People With Surprisingly Chic Laundry Rooms Always Have — "It's So Visually Appealing"

My messy laundry room has become all the more manageable with the addition of these five simple things

A classic laundry room design
(Image credit: Tina Kulic. Design: Madeleine Design Group)

If I'm totally honest, the aesthetic of my laundry room isn't my main priority, and the space doesn't get much of my focus and attention. It's home to a seemingly ever-expanding ironing heap and a pile of mismatched socks that I really need to go through, but ultimately, it's hidden behind closed doors so I don't have to deal with the mess. But there are simple ways to make navigating your laundry room a far more pleasant experience.

For interior designers and professional organizers, it all comes down to minimizing clutter and elevating storage. ‘A laundry area can serve as both functional and visually appealing with a few thoughtful additions,’ says Meredith Nettleton of Studio MKN. So what are they? Here are five things they've persuaded me to add to my laundry room.

1. Store neatly with fabric boxes

A laundry room with fabric boxes

(Image credit: Kerry Kirk. Design: Marian Louise Design)

Fabric boxes are a great addition to any laundry room. Instead of loose piles of clothing stacking up, uniform fabric boxes will help tidy up the space and give your laundry room an organized face-lift.

Even if your laundry room or utility space isn't as large as this design by Marian Louise, smaller spaces with woven baskets or fabric boxes on shelving can really help tie the space together and provide necessary laundry room storage.

Lindye Galloway's seagrass's handwoven basket sets are perfect for grouping clothing and putting on shelves in your utility space. 'You can assign them to the bottom of a staircase as a spot to catch things family members need to take up with them when they go. They would serve you well in a laundry or pantry to store snacks or small cleaning supplies. Possibilities are endless,' says Lindye Galloway. I'm also a fan of these bargain fabric storage cube bins from Walmart. They're an absolute steal and come in a variety of colors (although I like the neutral beige shade).

2. Use vertical space with hanging rods

A laundry room with hanging space

(Image credit: Tina Kulic. Design: Madeleine Design Group)

Make sure to use that valuable wall space. My biggest mistake with my laundry room is not building up, but the addition of a few simple shelves instead of bulky laundry room cabinets has suddenly meant I'm getting so much more out of that minimal square footage.

‘For functionality, we like to include a garment hang rod for drying too,’ says Bianca Ecklund, designer and creative director, Bianca Ecklund Design. This has been a great addition, offering space for shirts to dry and not taking up much storage space. This nifty Amazon retractable wall mount is a nifty buy I've seen floating around on Instagram and TikTok - it virtually disappears when not in use, but can provide plenty of space for hanging when needed.

You might also want to use technology to your advantage. 'To remove any last-minute wrinkles, the LG Styler steam closet is also a complete game-changer,' adds Bianca.

'To further elevate your space, consider adding a broom closet with outlets. This is a great spot to house not only the broom but charge your small vacuum or store your ironing board,’ adds Bianca.

3. Try concealing white goods with fabric curtains

A laundry room with cafe curtain covering white goods

(Image credit: Heather Bullard)

One interior design trend that we're all enjoying at the moment is the trend for DIY skirts concealing white goods or trash cans. It softens the space, removes any unsightly items like washing machines and tumble dryers, and overall just makes the look feel warmer and give it a cottagecore vibe. This laundry room nails the trend, with gathered material covering unsightly storage spaces, replacing cabinet doors that complement the rest of the room.

'While laundry rooms aren’t always the most glamorous spaces, they’re necessary,' Marian Louise of Marian Louise Designs reminds us. 'It’s always worth investing in a space that you or your family will spend time in.'

The cafe curtain concealing trick is also a really simple thing you can DIY. All you need is a tension rod or simple rod that you can attach to your countertop and cafe curtain fabric with a loop that the rod can thread through. Alternatively, it might be a good opportunity to get creative with your sewing machine, giving you more options for a fabric color or pattern that works for the rest of the scheme.

4. Elevate the space with laundry accessories

A tidy laundry room

(Image credit: Dan Lopez Paniagua Arris Photography)

When it comes to utility areas such as laundry rooms or a kitchen pantry, decanting makes all the difference. Items like laundry detergent, pods and softeners can look messy in their supermarket packaging, but once decanted, they help make the laundry space look and feel tidier.

Think pump dispenser bottles, glass storage canisters and discard the bulky detergent packaging once and for all. A hamper is another laundry accessory that elevates the laundry game if you have a bigger space, and the hampers with varying compartments (like this aesthetically pleasing laundry stand from fermliving) can help you organize your routine and turn laundry time into a pleasant activity.

5. Add a decorative pop

A styled laundry room

(Image credit: Christopher Stark. Design: Heather Bernstein)

Finally, make the very most of the space by bringing personality to the room. Much like you would go all out with a powder room, there is no reason why your laundry room shouldn't decorated through clever use of decor, color and texture.

'Your laundry room is a great space to add some pop! It's one of my favorites spaces to design as homeowners are often more open to out-of-the-box ideas,' says Bianca. 'You can add color and texture with a fun wallpaper, beautiful window treatments, cabinet finishes and even tile.' An area rug might make the space feel more like an actual room and up the coziness, while for Meredith Nettleton of Studio MKN, the freshness of houseplants make all the difference. ‘Embrace the idea of incorporating art and plants into your laundry space to infuse it with vitality and texture,’ adds Meredith.

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