9 Quick Ways to Declutter In Style — Designer Secrets Help Get Your Home In Order

It's almost the new year, which is the perfect time to start thinking about organization. Start 2024 with a place for everything!

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When it comes to living in small spaces, maximizing the room you do have is key to a well-designed and functional home. Perhaps your couch folds out into a bed; perhaps the ottoman opens up into extra storage. A coffee table with an extra bottom shelf means a place to store your games, while a floating wall shelf means you can get some trinkets and treasures off the ground. We call this functional decor, and it's an undoubtedly vital part of organizing and decluttering your home. 

In short, you want to find pieces that are both stylish and practical, visually and otherwise. The best home decor brands offer plenty of options for this, and award-winning designers work such items into their repertoires constantly. Just take Jamie Young, a home furnishings designer and founder of Jamie Young Co., for example.

"Lately I can’t get enough of functional décor," Jamie told me: "decorative boxes for storing trinkets, decorative trays for coffee tables, and baskets for blankets." Especially as we move into the new year, Jamie's advice could not ring more true. It's time to find a home for everything and put everything in its place.

For a refresher on how to do this, you can start with our guide on how to start decluttering. I've also hand-selected a few functional decor pieces I think Jamie herself would love — sculptural baskets, marbled trays, and ceramic boxes that look just as beautiful as they are practical.

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