This Wallpaper Hack Gives Peel N' Stick A Run for Its Money (and You'll Never Guess What You Use Instead)

It turns out you can use a different material to get the same effect — and I'm already itching to try it out!

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You've certainly heard of peel-and-stick wallpaper, but have you heard of using fabric to achieve the same end? Because as it turns out, you can, and it's just as renter-friendly as the better-known alternatives (and perhaps more customizable).

Whether you're looking for wallpaper ideas, this insightful tip from Gretchen Raguse, a member of interior designer Emily Henderson's team, will expand your decoration options ten-fold.

Check out the tutorial below:

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As shown in the video, all you need is: the right amount of fabric, a measuring tape, painters tape, liquid starch, a paint roller, and some scissors + an x-acto knife. After cutting your wallpaper into panels, tape your first section onto the wall so that it hangs on its own. Next, dunk your paint roller into your homemade 'paste' — equal parts liquid starch and water — and begin rolling over the panel until it is completely saturated and attached to the wall. Once the whole panel is covered, remove the tape and smooth everything flat. Repeat the process until the room is completely covered. Let it dry before then trimming back any excess fabric covering the outlets or windows.

The best part about all of this? It's completely renter-friendly. When you go to remove the wallpaper, whether that's weeks or months later, the full panel should peel right off in one (reusable piece) without damaging your wall. I mean, this is genius!

The fabric in the video looks to be some sort of lightweight cotton, so I'd likely recommend sticking to that where you can. That said, the comments on the video indicate it should work with anything — just be sure the dye doesn't run when the fabric is wet.

Below, I've found a few colorful fabrics that should work perfectly for this DIY, should you want to try. I know I'm already itching for a new accent wall ...

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