The dinnerware trends to look out for in 2024 – I'm obsessed with each of these looks for better styled tables

Curate the perfect dinner party tablescape with these trending dinnerware looks

A table set with Kelly Wearstler's dinnerware set
(Image credit: Kelly Wearstler)

With the festive season just around the corner, it might be time to turn your attention to your tablescape. Dinnerware trends come and go, but there are a few that we've been eyeing up that are perfect for the festive season ahead.

'Dinnerware is an amazing tool to elevate your dining experience and express your personality,' says trend expert for Etsy, and judge on the Emmy-nominated series, Making IT, Dayna Isom Johnson. 'I like to think of dinnerware as an extension of the food you serve, it’s there to bring to life your kitchen creations and give the occasion flavor and flare beyond the food on the table.'

If you're looking forward to a season of dinner party hosting, here are the best dinnerware sets for an on-trend look (and where to shop them now!)

1. Delicate blue floral motifs

A table with a selection of blue and white dinnerware

(Image credit: Kaitlin Green. Design: Emily Henderson)

Blue and white dinnerware is a classic combination that has dominated tablescapes for centuries. In recent years, this combination has undergone a modern makeover. The classic 'Willow' is one of the best patterned plate designs - an elaborate chinoiserie design, but that is being replaced by modern designs. Think white plates with splatterings of bright blue paint in the form of slapdash speckles. But, according to interior designer, Emily Henderson, the blue and white floral motif is coming back.

This time in a more delicate way. 'I have noticed that blue and white floral dinnerware and servewhere are popping up and I couldn't be happier about it,' says Emily. 'It's so pretty yet versatile and if I were getting married today they would definitely be on my registry.'

2. Irregular stoneware

A dinner table with irregular dinnerware

(Image credit: fermLIVING)

The frill of scallop edge decor has been everywhere this last year. 'Scallop-edged plates are a great way of adding some depth and texture to your table without having to commit to a full pattern or print,' says Dayna. While the scallop look remains popular, we're noticing a move away from the scallop edging towards a more irregular plates, bowls and dishes that gives that handcrafted feel.

'An obsession of mine is this dinnerware set by Eva Zeisel,' says Joshua Smith, principal designer and founder of Joshua Smith Inc. 'The bowls have an organic edge detail that throws in an artistic flare without compromising the minimal design. It's the perfect backdrop to let the meal take center stage.'

3. Graphic designs

A table set with graphic styled dinnerware

(Image credit: Kelly Wearstler x Serax)

We loved the Kelly Wearstler Serax collection that launched last month - featuring the Zuma collection showcasing plates and bowls with delicate vector grid patterns. We think it's just the start for the geometric pattern trends, bringing a modern twist to our tablescape and eschewing the more playful, colorful patterned plates in favor of something a little more refined and sophisticated. These three would make an elegant addition to your everyday table.

Oonagh Turner
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