Blue and grey living room ideas – 8 modern ways to use this tried and trusted combo

Our blue and grey living room ideas will give you all the inspiration on how to decorate with this versatile palette

A living room with blue and grey furnishings
(Image credit: K&H Design. Photo credit Milo Brown)

If you need a little inspiration for your next project, these blue and grey living room ideas might be just the thing to get your imagination firing on all cylinders. Enduringly timeless tones in their own right, together blue and grey are a beautifully classic combination that can’t fail to bring style and sophistication to any space. 

While a blue and grey scheme is well suited to traditional rooms, it can also make for a striking contemporary look too – and with so many different shades to choose from, there is something for every look. ‘A palette of blue and grey is the perfect combination for a versatile space,’ explains Kate Glaister, founder of K&H Design. ‘While warmer blues provide comfort in winter months, cooler greys keep spaces light and airy in summer.’ 

Whatever your style, read on for ideas to help you successfully pull off a blue and grey living room, with a little help from leading interior designers. 

8 blue and grey living room ideas to draw inspiration from

1. Introduce the colors across cushions and sofa

A living room with a large grey sofa and blue cushions

(Image credit: Tara Bernerd & Partners)

Whether you’re just wanting to test drive a color scheme, or you’re after a quick and easy transformation for your modern living room, updating your cushions with a touch of blue is a wonderfully effective and cost-efficient way to update a room. 

‘Blue and grey tones bring an understated sophistication to a space,’ says Tara Bernerd, founder of interior design studio Tara Bernerd & Partners. ‘In this clean and contemporary living room, the large and inviting L-shaped sofa plays host to an array of artfully placed mismatched blue and gray cushions – all of various patterns and textures. The cool nature of these tones ensures the space remains slick and modern, yet cozy and welcoming too.’

2. Explore different fabric textures

A living room with grey walls and a blue sofa

(Image credit: K&H Design. Photo credit Milo Brown)

You never want a color scheme to fall flat, and one way of preventing this from happening is to include lots of texture. ‘When it comes to color, we often use layering,’ explains Kate Glaister, founder of K&H Design. ‘The best color schemes are ones that are carefully pieced together with unusual finishes and textures – these create homes full of character and flair.’

Velvet is a particularly perfect companion in grey and blue living rooms. Its dense pile helps to accentuate the depth of color while giving movement to moodier tones. When it comes to choosing grey fabrics, the more textured the better. 

Grey can be susceptible to feeling dull, so counteract this with boucles, embroidered linens, and interesting weaves. 


A living room with a blue carpet and grey couch

(Image credit: Studio DB)

Another way to add interest to this two-color combination for living rooms is to play with contrasting materials. As well as layering different fabrics, incorporating a range of surfaces will also help to provide visual appeal. 

In this inviting living room scheme designed by Studio DB, wooden furniture is mixed effortlessly with luxe metallics and marble – all set across a backdrop of industrial brickwork to give it a cool and contemporary edge. 


A blue and grey living room with a touch of yellow

(Image credit: Ward & Co. Photo credit Taran Wilkhu.)

If you’re searching for an accent color to blue and grey, take this as your cue to ‘look up’ for your living room color idea. Amongst the sky blues and cloudy greys, sunny yellow offers a burst of optimism that translates beautifully into a decorating scheme. 

‘The best color schemes keep within a specific spectrum,’ explains Rosie Ward, co-founder and creative director at Ward & Co. ‘Blue and grey fall within the same spectrum, so when used together, the tones deliver maximum impact whilst still maintaining continuity and a sense of flow. Introducing contrasting pops of yellow gives a welcoming and contemporary feel to the space.’


A living room with walls in grey undertones and deep blue sofas

(Image credit: Le Berre Vevaud. Photo credit Jean-Marc Palisse)

Blue itself is an incredibly tranquil hue and is synonymous with relaxation, serenity, and calm. Harness its peaceful potential in your living room by color drenching your walls in a soft pale blue – it’ll give the space an instantly restful feel, and will also form the perfect backdrop for layering other tones. 

When it comes to narrowing down your paint choices, look for a blue with a hint of umber for warmth, and importantly, soft grey undertones. These will create a cohesive dialogue with the other elements of grey in the scheme for an overall look that feels balanced and harmonious. 


A blue and grey living room with a terracotta-toned coffee table

(Image credit: Hendricks Churchill)

Shades of blue and grey tend to fall on the cooler side of the spectrum, and if used incorrectly, can sometimes make for a cold and dark living room. While this might suit practical spaces such as bathrooms or kitchens, it’s not particularly desirable as a room where you want to feel cozy and comfortable.

Counteract this by introducing warming tones with a bit of heat, such as red or orange. Terracotta is a brilliant option – with undertones of brown, it’s earthy and extremely easy to live. Pairing beautifully with blue and grey, it also works well with neutrals that contain a similar earthy undertone.


A blue and grey living room with metallic tones

(Image credit: Humbert & Poyet, Photo credit Francis Amiand)

If terracotta tones aren’t quite your style, adding metallic finishes into a blue and grey scheme will have a similarly warming effect, giving rise to an elegant living room. You’ll want to avoid silver, nickel, and pewter which could read a little cold – instead opt for rich golds, aged brass, and bronze. 

Accessories are an easy and affordable way to bring these in; votives and candle holders are a particularly nice choice as the soft reflecting flicker of candlelight in the evening will create a warming glow. Bigger furniture such as coffee tables and storage pieces are an investment but will make a gorgeous impact and give the room a contemporary edge. 


A living room in blue and grey with swatches of white

(Image credit: Le Berre Vevaud, Photo credit Jean-Marc Palisse)

For a scheme that feels effortlessly stylish, airy, and modern, fresh white is always a welcome addition. It has an instantly uplifting effect on most colors, and harmonizes especially well with a blue and grey palette. Plus, when it comes to painting colors, there are several white paints for walls. Evoking coastal breezes and hazy summer skies, as a trio these colors bring a calming feel to living rooms. 

To ensure the addition of white feels cohesive and not too jarring or stark, apply it across a range of surfaces. White walls act as a fresh canvas, while billowing linen curtains soften the whole scheme. If your lifestyle – and disposition! – allows, a clean white sofa is the epitome of chic next to deep navy and cool grey. 


Absolutely! Blue and grey make for a beautiful, cozy living room color scheme. Both are incredibly restful shades, together they offer just enough subtle contrast while still sitting comfortably together. 

Falling into the cooler side of the color spectrum, you can counteract their freshness with warm tones of terracotta, sunny yellow, or hints of metallic accents. Create interest within the scheme by introducing a range of tactile textures and materials. 

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