Designers Love Beige Marble Bathroom Accessories — Here's Why, And How To Style The Trend At Home

Beige marble bathroom accessories are having a moment for those wanting to create an elegant, spa-like look at home. Here’s why, and how you can style them to get the look

beige marble bathroom vanity
(Image credit: Glen Allsop. Design: Studio Robert McKinley)

Marble has always had the power to instantly elevate a space and make it look expensive. Paired with other natural colors and materials, especially in a bathroom, it creates a spa-like look which we all covet to recreate at home. With that in mind, it’s no wonder marble accessories are having a moment. But it’s not just any color marble.

We’re seeing beige marble take centre stage and becoming the latest bathroom micro-trend to follow right now. Yet another string to the bow of minimaluxe, beige marble reinforces the calming yet elevated aesthetic that is on everyone’s inspiration boards. I spoke to interior designers who specialise in creating luxurious modern bathrooms and got their thoughts on why this is, and how we can incorporate beige marble accessories in our own space.

bathroom vanity in beige marble and dark green tiled backsplash

(Image credit: Glen Allsop. Design: Studio Robert McKinley)

The appetite for minimalist interiors that create an enveloping sense of calm is stronger than ever, and we now know that natural materials and light, neutral colors in a space have a positive effect on our overall wellbeing. Not to mention how good they make our homes look. ‘Everyone loves neutrals right now,’ interior designer Alicia Saso tells me, and beige marble is the material that brings together the perfect combination of warm neutral tones and natural material, with a sophisticated, expensive look too.

And when it comes to areas in our home where we’re looking to create a relaxing atmosphere, spa bathrooms are really having a moment. ‘A lot of people want a spa-like atmosphere in their bathrooms,’ explains interior designer Emily Kreber. ‘When we think of a spa, we think of natural elements and relaxation. We see a lot of design elements being pulled from nature (wood, stone, plants, etc). Marble comes from the earth, making it a perfect addition to a spa-like design scheme,’ she adds.

‘We're back to the shift away from stark white,’ interior designer Gladys Schanstra tells me, explaining why we’re seeing such a preference for warmer, beige tones of marble. ‘You can do a lot with softer hues – the yellows in beige lean toward a spa feel. Everybody wants that look,’ she says.

1. Swap out your old bathroom accessories

Firstly, simply swap out your old bathroom accessories with new ones in beige marble. ‘A range of retailers, from high-end boutiques to stores like Home Goods, are tapping into this with their marble sets of decorative trays, toothbrush holders, tissue box holders, etc,’ explains Gladys, pointing out that you don’t need to give your bathroom a full marble makeover to achieve an elevated look.  

‘By using marble accessories, you can summon that classic elegance that goes back to Roman architecture without having to commit to full-on grandiose design everywhere in the space. It’s elegance in small doses. We associate marble with a classic style that has permanence,’ she adds.

2. Pair them with light hues

To best achieve the sophisticated minimaluxe look beige marble bathroom accessories are so well suited for, designers advise to pair them in the space with other light, neutral hues. Bringing in different material textures in this type of scheme, such as marble accessories, is key to create interest and avoid it looking too flat. ‘Sometimes just incorporating accessories with depth omits the need for that “pop of color” that everyone always talks about,’ says Alicia.

‘Bringing in the soft, creamy tones of a warm marble can add just enough interest to a bathroom without running the show! Marble is a subtle detail with character. Opting for something not-so-basic will add that extra little final touch to your space,’ adds the designer. 

3. Elevate your bathroom with a beige marble look

If you really love the look and want to take it a step further, you don’t need to stop at accessories. ‘Think of beige marble accents being something you can utilize beyond accessories – use it in a nice pattern on the floor or in a backsplash, for example,’ suggests Gladys. ‘Wallpaper and wall coverings can tie into this beige marble moment. They’ve come a long way, with some incorporating marble looks and textures,’ she adds.

Depending on the amount in which it’s used, beige marble can transcend a minimaluxe look into an opposite, more opulent style, so be mindful to create the balance that works for you.

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