Balcony Furniture Ideas — 'This Is How to Create an Alfresco Sanctuary,' Say Experts

These balcony furniture ideas are ideal for any space — big or small — and can help extend your home's living area

A balcony space with twp spfas and a coffee table
(Image credit: John Merkl. Design:K Interiors)

The right balcony furniture ideas can transform your outdoor space from a place you hardly ever use to somewhere that becomes an important part of how you live in your home. After all, if you treat this space as a bonus room, you can convert it into a comfortable spot to watch the world go by.

While what you can fit on your balcony might depend on its size, experts suggest other interesting ways to furnish this space. Take a look at these balcony ideas and elevate your outdoor space.

1. Place floor chairs for a cozy comfort

A balcony with floor seating

(Image credit: frenchCALIFORNIA)

The best outdoor furniture can create a calming outdoor environment, and low seats and chairs can create the perfect lounging spot, perfect for spending hours with a book. While you may think of outdoor furniture as traditionally uncomfortable, outdoor textiles have come a long way in recent years.

'For the outdoors, we love to find pieces that look like they could work for indoor or outdoor use,' says Guillaume Coutheillas, founder of frenchCALIFORNIA. . 'For any outdoor space, choose materials that can withstand outdoor conditions, such as weather-resistant wood, metal, or synthetic materials like rattan or resin.'

'For this balcony, we chose seating from Cappellini made of weather-resistant materials that don't compromise the aesthetic qualities of the piece,' Guillaume adds.

2. Create a lounge space with sofas

A balcony space with twp spfas and a coffee table

(Image credit: John Merkl. Design: K Interiors)

Sofas in the balcony? This may sound a little over the top but experts suggest this is the best way to extend a living room and create more moods for socializing. If you have a sizeable balcony, consider bringing in large seaters and a coffee table. Do ensure you choose materials that are weather-proof, and add the best balcony plants to elevate the visuals.

'We chose a range of performance textiles like Rosemary Hallgarten and Elitis for these fully upholstered sofas,' says Kristen Pena, founder of K Interiors.

3. Add a dining table

A dining space in the balcony

(Image credit: Design: Hino Studio)

Who doesn't love an outdoor dining room? Feasting outside has a luxury factor and can make mealtime truly special. Since the balcony is connected to all the living spaces in the house, remember to choose furniture styles that align with the home's aesthetic.

'One of the most important aspects of this apartment is the astonishing views of not only the beach but also the Bal Harbour bay,' says Sabrina Maclean, founder of Hino Studio. 'With this seating, you can enjoy the mornings and the sunset with a nice glass of wine.'

4. Consider built-in seats

A balcony with built in seating

(Image credit: Denilson Machado. Design: NJ+ Architects)

A great way to make the most of a small balcony is by designing built-in seating that doesn't take up too much space, and easily blends into the architecture of the area. A built-in seat also offers an opportunity for hidden storage and allows other elements such as flowers, plants, and more to shine.

'This space is made of natural stone (Pallimanan) in combination with Guatemala green marble, original brick and the Padouk wooden deck,' says Nildo José of NJ+ Architects. 'To enhance the space, we framed the landscaping in a vertical garden, designed by landscaper Bia Abreu. It features ferns, peperomia, columeias, lambaris and asparagus.'

5. Choose flexible pieces for tiny balconies

A balcony with a flexible table

(Image credit: Olga Urbanek. Design: TAKK Studio)

In small apartments, tiny balconies usually are left unused as the space is too small to accommodate functionality. But with flexible, multipurpose ideas, a lot can be done.

'In urban environments where balcony space is a luxury, the design of outdoor furniture must be both space-efficient and stylish,' says Agi Kuczyńska, founder of Takk Studio. 'Addressing this challenge, I designed a foldable, half-circle table that provides a perfect breakfast nook for small balconies without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. This ingenious table folds down to reveal a small shelf, ideal for holding a beverage, ensuring the space remains functional even in its most compact form.'

'Painted in 'L'Ocre Rouge Clair' from Le Corbusier's color palette, the table brings warmth and sophistication to the balcony, complementing the urban outdoor ambiance,' says Agi. 'Accompanied by a bench and chairs from the HAY Palissade collection, the set creates a cohesive and inviting outdoor area. '

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