House Tours Open Door with interior designer Tamzin Greenhill

VIDEO: In our House Tours Open Door series the designer walks us round soothingly updated Victorian home

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Welcome to the latest episode of House Tours Open Door. We've been busy filming gorgeous homes, filled with cool and clever ideas from their creative owners. 

We plan to beam you into eight jaw-dropping homes, to hear from the owners and to get under the skin of exactly what makes a place special. Inspiration from the comfort of your living room? Sounds like a double win.

THE CLEVER use of space by Tamzin Greenhill

Interior designer Tamzin Greenhill's beautiful London home is full of smart space usage ideas, turning it into a house that really works for the way she lives. Its storey are split level, so by having very few doors she was able to help make it feel open anyway, and her wise zoning techniques have lead to different areas being able to fulfil different functions.

house tours

(Image credit: Future)

Tamzin admits to being obsessed with lighting, and there are several statement pendants that appear throughout the home.

house tours

(Image credit: Future)

The light above the dining table is by Michael Anastassiades.

house tours

(Image credit: Future)

Almost all the walls in the home are kept a soothing shade of white, but for the hall floor Tamzin used these tiled by Emery and Cie which she chose for their timeless yet elegantly modern feel.

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