Wayfair Lighting — 12 of the Best Fixtures to Shop in This Treasure Trove of Finds

Wayfair's lighting assortment is sure to set the mood. This style editor sifted through it all, and these are the most hidden gems

The best Wayfair lighting, according to a style editor.
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Wayfair lighting  is an undiscovered treasure trove of great design. It's where I turn to for on-trend designs that are affordable, look good, create a cozy ambience and have a wide breadth of choice.

Almost too much breadth, you might think. Wayfair has so many styles that it can seem a little overwhelming. But if you know how to look then it's my biggest shopping secret, a joy to peruse and buy for. "I actually love scouring Wayfair," says Livingetc editor Pip Rich. "It's good if you have a color or material in mind but are a little vague on the particulars of what you're looking for - it'll guide you into finding something you weren't quite sure you were looking for."

He's right, there is something for everyone in the Wayfair lighting department. And amidst the array of choices, I unearthed some true gems, all of which find a place in this curated Wayfair editor’s choice selection. True to Wayfair's ethos, each pick is not only affordable but also exudes a high-end look. Set the mood and illuminate your space with the following bright ideas.

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Choosing the right light fixture can significantly impact the ambiance of your space, and with options ranging from chandeliers to sconces, the possibilities are extensive!

Ceiling lights, such as flush and semi-flush mounts, are ideal for lower-ceiling rooms, providing ample ambient lighting without the dramatic drop-down effect of chandeliers. Chandeliers make an elegant statement, becoming a focal point in high-ceiling spaces or even over a dining table. They serve as the decorative jewelry of the home, best complemented by other lighting sources.

For a more understated decorative touch, pendant lights offer versatility in various spaces. Smaller and less ornate than chandeliers, they still add a touch of beauty to your surroundings. Sconces, on the other hand, are small wall-mounted fixtures that effortlessly elevate spaces, whether flanking mirrors, accompanying artwork in hallways, or brightening up bathrooms.

When considering lighting options, factor in your room's square footage, ceiling height, and the fixture's size. While layering lights can create a captivating ambiance, the principle of "less is more" often holds true. Choose one or two light fixtures that resonate with your style, observe how they interact, and plan accordingly to achieve a harmonious and effective lighting scheme.

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