This Viral $3 Stick-on Tile Trick Gives Your Kitchen an Instant Facelift — So Easy to Use, So Quick to Boost Your Decor

Peel-and-stick flooring is the viral hack to an elevated, renter-friendly home — and I've found the best options

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It’s relatively easy to swap a couch for a loveseat, but flooring is a whole other beast. Flooring feels so permanent, so difficult to change. There’s nothing worse than moving into an otherwise perfect space but being less-than-thrilled by its floors. Taking up quite literally the entire surface area of your home, flooring yields tremendous impact and as such, is crucial to your space’s overall appearance.

Whether you rent or simply lack the time or resources to remodel your floors, frustration with the 'wrong' ones is particularly potent. Enter: peel-and-stick floor tiles — the viral TikTok hack that can best be described as a godsend for modern kitchens everywhere. 

Usually priced around $1 to $5 per square foot, this interior design idea looks near identical to the real deal, instantly elevating your space's aesthetic. Of course its adherence varies between products, but most stick-on flooring can be placed over a range of floor materials, including vinyl, plywood, concrete, tile, and perhaps the most dreadfully dated of them all — linoleum.

Get inspired with these kitchen flooring ideas. 


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One of our favorite design experts, Marco Zamora, utilized this trick in his own kitchen. Seeking to add some interest to his very white landscape, Marco opted for burgundy tiles, which he cut down to size with a box cutter and metal ruler. Since his original flooring already consisted of tile squares, Marco placed a sticker on every other square to achieve his desired checkerboard look. Though most opt to cover the entirety of their flooring, this tutorial proves how easily peel-and-stick tiles can be tailored to your own unique space.

With tremendous benefits and slim financial risk, you have little to lose and everything to gain by trying this viral home hack out for yourself. Marco's tiles are no longer available, but luckily for you, I've sifted through hundreds of search results to in pursuit of the most realistic, best looking peel-and-stick flooring on the market. Shop the following tiles to instantly elevate your home. 

Best Peel-and-Stick Flooring

How long does peel-and-stick flooring last?

Skeptics might question peel-and-stick flooring's durability — how can what is essentially a sticker withstand all the foot traffic floors receive, let alone the water and cleaning products they endure overtime? Fortunately, peel-and-stick flooring is surprisingly strong — so strong in fact that it often suits both residential and commercial use. Lasting between five to 20 years on average, its longevity seems too good to be true, but as someone who has used peel-and-stick flooring before, rest assured that this hack is as heavenly as it sounds.

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