Pottery Barn Curtains Are Literally Ones I'd Buy — 'Perfectly Priced and in Such Perfect Materials, Too!'

Whether you're craving a sunlit sanctuary or a cozy retreat for well-deserved R&R, curtains aren't just window dressings — they make the mood. After scouring far and wide, it's clear: Pottery Barn curtains reign supreme

best Pottery Barn curtains
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If there's one thing I've mastered living in a studio with floor-to-ceiling windows, it's the art (and science) of curtains. I adore the flood of natural light — that is, until it's time to catch up on beauty sleep. Plus, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love the drama of a good drape. I've researched various curtain options, but I always find myself returning to Pottery Barn curtains.

While the retailer rarely offers curtain discounts, a couple of gems caught my eye in the ongoing Pottery Barn sale, reigniting my love for their elegant window treatments. We often overlook their power, but as Cheryl Eisen, real estate agent turned designer, says,  ‘Curtains frame, not cover, a view in a way that softens the hard lines of windows and draws attention to a room’s height.’ ‘Curtains will bring your attention up and they elongate the size of the wall, especially in a double-height space,’ she adds. From heavyweight velvet to breezy linen, the right curtain material can be your space’s most dramatic design element, ‘accentuating a room’s wow factor.’

Whether you’re in the market for whimsical sheers or blackout beauties, Pottery Barn has it all. I've done the legwork, curating my top picks by preference and style. So, get ready to master your natural light and elevate your space — all with just a scroll.

Explore the complete curtain collection at Pottery Barn.

Best Pottery Barn Curtains

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Sheer Pottery Barn Curtains

Solid Pottery Barn Curtains

Patterned Pottery Barn Curtains

Blackout Pottery Barn Curtains

How should I style my Pottery Barn curtains?

Cheryl suggests, ‘Hang curtains as close to the ceiling as you can, leaving just an inch or so of space.’ She prefers ‘a pinch pleat, a grommet, or a ripple fold.’

Length is a hot topic. How far should the hem of your curtain be from the floor? According to the designer, ‘In certain rooms you can have the curtains pooled on the floor — but usually, it should just kiss the floor. That’s a cleaner look,’ she advises.

When it comes to color, Cheryl recommends ‘selecting curtains that are similar in color to the walls for a seamless integration.’ Though, you can also make them a statement design element by varying the hue or adding patterns. ‘Patterns are tricky,’ admits the designer, but if they’re simple enough, like a tone-on-tone pattern, for example, she says they’re an easy way to seamlessly introduce a new layer of sophistication into any room.

By the way, have you seen Pottery Barn’s bedding selection? So dreamy.

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