Best Amazon Sheets — 12 Buys We Like, and How to Find the Best Quality

You can find some of the best sheets on Amazon — here's an edit of some of our favorites

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Skeptics might argue that Amazon isn’t the place to buy your bedding, but the online retailer offers a breadth and variety that few can compare to. As we all lead busier lives, it is hard to find the time to head into the store and take a look around, so options like Amazon make sense. You can take advantage of your Prime membership and Amazon’s immediate delivery to bring you one step closer to your perfect sheets.

The problem with such a wide product library is that finding the best bedding sets can feel a little bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Our advice is to use the filters, read reviews, and look closely at the material composition of the sheets to ascertain pieces are worth saying yes to.

We’ve taken care of the legwork and searched through the rest of the search results to find the very best Amazon sheets. If you’re still dipping your toes into the world of bedding, take a look at our best bedding feature to help you get started. Discover our favorites alongside a useful bedding guide that makes everything just that bit simpler.

1. Best fitted sheets on Amazon

2. Best flat sheets on Amazon

3. Best cotton sheets on Amazon

4. Best silk sheets on Amazon

Should you buy a sheet set on Amazon?

Your choice of bedding is a personal decision and needs to reflect your style and taste first. Amazon stocks a variety of famed bedding brands from the cheap and cheerful to the elegant and expensive so there is a real breadth of bedding to choose from.

When shopping on Amazon, a lot of the same rules apply when choosing any traditional retailer – opt for a trusted brand and look at the ingredients. Ensure that fibers are pure where possible and read the reviews. Filtering is also your friend, not only does this save time as you can avoid seeing options that aren’t relevant to you but it helps you find the best-rated products on Amazon which essentially, gets you to the good finds fastest.

'When looking on Amazon for a bedding set seek out options that have a higher cotton thread count or 100% linen, avoid a blend with man-made materials as these don’t hold up well over time,' says interior designer, Caitlin Parker of Parker Studio. 

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