'Napping potential' is my top criteria for buying a couch – here's how to work out which is best for a comfortable snooze

How do you know if a couch will be good for napping on? Here's what the experts say, and 9 options that are perfect for a quick snooze

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If you ask us there's never a bad time to take a nap, and for reasons unknown, the couch is the prime place to do so. A few minutes of shut-eye in the living room often feels far more restorative than eight hours in the bedroom - as long as you have the right sort of sofa, that is. 

The work-from-home revolution has made napping far more commonplace, with around 80 percent of us taking frequent daytime snoozes according to the Sleep Foundation. To really enjoy a relaxing power nap, however, there are a few things you'll want to look out for when it comes to buying a sofa. 

'Nothing beats a nap on the sofa, whether to relax on the weekend or after a long day at work,' says Patricia Gibbons of Sofa.com. 'The ultimate in napping sofas, without a doubt, is a chaise or corner sofa which already incorporates a long section that's perfect for snoozing. However, if you don't have a corner sofa, there are a few things to consider when choosing a napping sofa.' Here, we take a look at what those are, alongside some of the best couches to buy that are fit for the job. 

What to look for in a napping couch

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First, when shopping for a napping couch, you'll need to choose one large enough for sleeping on. It's unlikely a tiny two-seater will be long enough for you to stretch out, leading to cramped legs or a crick in the neck when you wake up - the stuff of nappers' nightmares. If space in your living room allows, be sure to choose a larger sofa if you plan to take naps.

'A spacious and deep sitting area is also key as it gives you unrestricted room to stretch out,' says Patricia Gibbons of Sofa.com. 'Low and curved arms are important to factor in too as you want to avoid hurting your neck or struggling to find the perfect angle, which can be tricky with a high arm.'

There's also the fabric of your sofa to consider. 'Your chosen material should help effortlessly set the tone and atmosphere, so choosing tactile materials that feel amazing to curl up on is key,' explains Gisela Lancaster, Head of Buying, at Sofology. 'Of course you can achieve this with beautifully plush and sumptuous fabrics such as velvet, however soft, relaxed leathers can be just as appealing, and feel particularly inviting when complemented with textured cushions and throws.' 

According to Gisela, fabric textures are vital to achieving a cozy look that makes a nap all the more tempting, so consider layering velvets, weaves, knits, and cottons across your soft furnishings. 'Plush pillows are also key for sinking into your sofa and truly relaxing,' notes Patricia. 'Bolster cushions are a great aid for napping and support the neck comfortably.' 

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