The Best Brooklinen Sheets Are "So Soft — and On Sale Right Now!" Our Style Editor Handpicks The Ultimate Selection

There's nothing like hopping into bed with fresh new sheets — especially if they're some of the best Brooklinen sheets. Your sweetest dreams await

Best Brooklinen sheets
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Having the best Brooklinen sheets can make your sleep experience. Serving as the closest layer to our skin, they’re essential for ensuring comfort and regulating body temperature. Anyone who has dealt with the frustration of low-quality sheets understands the significant variation in quality. When it comes to sheets, the devil is in the details. 

So, how can you separate the good from the bad? Given the challenge of finding top-notch sheets these days, I've curated this Brooklinen editor's choice selection to make your search a bit smoother. According to Katie Elks, Brooklinen's Design Director, high ‘thread count is often used to compare sheets’ as a marketing tactic, but it's often achieved with ‘rough, multi-ply yarns.’ Brooklinen takes a different approach by focusing on ‘single-ply yarns, which are made from strong, long-staple cotton fibers.’ The result? Brooklinen sheets start off soft and only improve over time, maintaining durability through numerous washes.

As both a purveyor of bedding essentials and your go-to destination for the perfect night's sleep, Brooklinen has an array of exciting new offerings. From vibrant additions to their Organic Collection to discounts of 15% or more on every sheet set, now is the ideal time to invest in that springtime essential you've been eyeing. Consider this your invitation to elevate your bedding experience and indulge in the  sumptuous softness that only Brooklinen can provide.

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Best Brooklinen Sheets

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How often should I wash Brooklinen sheets?

How often should you wash your sheets? It's a topic that can stir up some debate. Some swear by a weekly wash, while others are content with a monthly routine. So, what's the ideal frequency?

According to Katie from Brooklinen, a good rule of thumb is 'washing your sheets every two weeks, and alternating between two different sets to increase longevity.' However, individual lifestyles and needs vary.

If you have pets or tend to perspire heavily while sleeping, it's wise to wash more frequently to preserve the integrity of your sheets, as 'dirt and sweat can break down fibers and damage fabric,’ she explains. The same goes for pillowcases — washing them regularly, perhaps once a week, not only extends the life of your pillow but also helps to maintain clear skin.

As you're browsing for sheets, be sure to check out our selection of the best Brooklinen towels. Soft, absorbent, and stylish, they're sure to become your new favorites — you'll thank us later.

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