This is the Best Time of Year to Remodel Your Bathroom, According to Interior Designers

A bathroom renovation takes up time and is costly, but there are specific periods in the year when it can be done smoothly and at a discount, say the experts

A marble-clad bathroom
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Remodeling a bathroom takes significant time and cost. The process not only involves trying to figure out how you want the space to look but there's also some serious practical considerations when it comes to the renovation. You need to coordinate between contractors, designers, and brands, get the best prices for new products, and have enough free time to supervise the project. So when is the right time to make this happen?

We asked experts about the ideal time of the year to remodel a modern bathroom, and share tips on how to smoothen out the process.

When should you remodel a bathroom?

An all white bathroom with wooden elements

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Ideally, spring and summer are great times to remodel a bathroom, as contractors are likely to have more openings on their schedules considering that the timeframe is between the holidays and summer vacation. Summer especially is great weather as remodels often require time spent working indoors and outdoors, so you can avoid unfavorable weather as much as possible.

This is also a good time as you can get the renovation work out before winter when families gather together. Since many families choose to renovate during fall, just before the holiday season, you can get ahead with the task so your home is ready by Thanksgiving. Do note that for a spring-summer remodel, it's not unusual to book a contractor as early as six months in advance. 'Do keep in mind that oftentimes contractors will take on small projects like a bathroom remodel between larger projects like a whole house renovation so be certain that the lines of communication are kept open,' says Julia Mack, founder of Julia Mack Design.

'When it comes to shopping for products, look out for sales around holidays as that is a good time to purchase fixtures, lighting, and tiles,' says Julia. 'With accurate drawings to scale, you can select from sale merchandise, but just be careful because these items will not be returnable if the size or style changes and does not work.'

How long does a remodel take?

A bahtoom with patterned flooring and marble elements

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For a fresh, renovated master bathroom or powder, you should block out enough time in your schedule for the project. Also do remember to time your remodel around the needs of your family.

'The duration of the reno depends on the size of the bathroom, but we say 8-12 weeks,' says Lucie Ayres, founder of 22 Interiors. 'So before you start the project, keep this timeline in mind.'

What should you keep in mind before a bathroom remodel?

A bathroom window with etched glass

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While renovating your luxury bathroom, there are a few things you should be prepared for.

'It's important to have a good design concept in mind first,' says Julia. 'Dig through lots of images and select the ‘look and feel’ that you like the best, keeping in mind that it’s rarely just one photo but a mix of a few ideas that ‘speak’ to you and your style.'

'The other thing to keep in mind is to chart out clear directions to your contractor and subcontractors,' says Julia. 'Consider checking in a few times a week to answer questions that come up. This will help to keep your project moving forward, eliminating unnecessary delays.'

'Design-wise, we always think about tile first and the interplay of wall tile and flooring,' says Lucie. 'The idea is to focus on what we want the eye to be drawn to first. Sometimes it's a graphic floor with a punchy bold vanity color; sometimes it's the shower tile that steals the show. Then move on to the material mix and wow it all with lighting and hardware.'

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari

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