5 Home Organization Trends Professional Declutterers Think You Should Try

Struggling to find the best method to declutter your home? Here are some organization trends experts think you should try

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A week has passed and suddenly the laundry has piled up. You’ve got one sock in the washing machine while another seems to have disappeared, but where did it go?

We’ve all been through those moments of trying to organize and then reorganize, only to find ourselves going through a repetitive cycle when it comes to figuring out how to declutter your home. So, what would be the best way to help declutter your space and keep a smooth running system in place?

From the 1 in 1 out method to the micro-organizing hack, our experts walk us through some of the best decluttering tips that you need to try!

1. Keep, toss or donate

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It’s not easy to decide what to get rid of, afterall, we can easily get attached to things. Jamie Hord, founder of Horderly Professional Organizing says the best approach for how to organize a room with too much stuff is by individually removing each item and deciding on whether you want to ‘keep, toss or donate’.

Jamie adds: ‘It's best to approach decluttering a space like this rather than flipping through how you see the space every day’.

2. 1 in 1 out method

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Now that you’ve cleared your space and organzied things, what would be the best way to keep things in check? Jamie says it’s the ‘1 in and 1 out’ method.

The rule of thumb is that each time you bring in a new item, you remove one old item from your home — a smart way of reducing the risk of clutter! It's sometimes called the mailbox decluttering method, too.

You can do this by keeping the item you want to give away in a basket or bin. Grace Oak's Fabric Basket Set from Wayfair is not only an aesthetic touch to your home, but it's spacious and perfect for storing things away.

3. Utilize height

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Jamie explains that utilizing height is the best way to maximize storage ideas. He says using hang shelves, hooks or even freestanding stackable drawers will allow you to make the most of your space. This hanging closet organizer by MAX Houser on Amazon is a must have when it comes to getting more out of a small space and decluttering. If you’re looking for effective and efficient stackable drawers, my favorite has to be the Alina Stackable Storage Drawers from Wayfair with its sleek yet simple design, it is perfect for any space.

4. Micro-organizing is a must

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‘I’m a big fan of micro-organizing,’ Shira Gill, organizing expert and author of Minimalista and Organized Living tells me. She says this might be ‘knocking out a single tiny area like a junk drawer or a single shelf instead of trying to tackle an entire room’.

Clearing things out in smaller doses might be the best way to declutter your mind as well as your space. ‘It can be hard to know where to start when an entire room or home needs attention,’ Shira explains. She says to tackle a messy space is by transforming ‘one tiny section at a time,’ she calls this the ‘#15minwin’. Shira says tidying a single shelf or drawer will 'boost your confidence' and trigger a sense of excitement to do more. 'You can apply the 15-minute win hack to anything — organizing a junk drawer, your cluttered desk, even a massive project like your garage or basement,' Shira adds.

5. Having a designated place matters

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Shira explains that keeping certain items in 'one specific' and 'designated place' matters. Having a system in place will allow you to build a neat and tidy home and 'if you already feel like getting organized is an uphill battle,' Shira says, it is best 'to create practical, effortless systems that don’t require any extra work or effort'. Let's put it into practice shall we? You can start off this method by placing items in large open vessels that is easy to access and for a final touch, Shira says, 'color coding, and labeling is purely optional!'

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