4 Tricks to Help Choose Bathroom Tiles That Always Feel Timeless — 'This Way Your Scheme Will Never Date'

Give your bathroom a timeless look with these always-on-trend tiling options

Bathroom wall tiles with orange bath
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With so many options out there for tiles, selecting the perfect tiling for your bathroom can feel overwhelming. Finding the balance between durability, and design, is crucial in the bathroom, where form must not outweigh function.

Because the bathroom is a big investment, making the right choice is important. While the new, trendy looks may be appealing, they run the risk of quickly becoming outdated, leaving you wanting to redesign the room just months after installation.

To prevent this kind of disaster, our experts have handpicked their favorite bathroom tile ideas that are never going out of style.

1. Play by the house rules

A bathroom with wooden elements

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The trick to creating a timeless look in your home stretches beyond the bathroom, connecting to the broader aesthetic of the house.

'In order to successfully address timelessness, think about the age of your home and the style that is integral to that era,' suggests Julia Mack, founder of Julia Mack Design. 'By sticking to that style but selecting a more modern interpretation, any bathroom can become timeless.'

'For example,' Julia continues, 'if your home was built In the 1920’s and has Art Deco elements, black and white tile is appropriate. Then consider updating it with black grout that hides dirt and discoloration and allows the white linear grid of the tile to enhance the space.'

Following your home's existing design features, while adding contemporary touches, allows you to create a modern bathroom look that is both timeless and exciting.

2. Keep to the classics

bathroom with stripy walls and checkerboard floor

(Image credit: BC Designs)

Classics have earned their status for a reason, and this certainly rings true for the much-loved black and white checkerboard tiling.

'A standard checkerboard is simultaneously modern and retro,' argues Julia Mack.

In order to achieve the best look, it's important to consider how the size of your bathroom will impact the appearance of your checkerboard flooring tiles: 'For small bathrooms, look for small tiles that have either high contrast, think black and white, or compatible colors like cream and white, for a more subtle flooring choice,' says Julia.

Shannon Niehenke, of Narrative Design Studios, agrees that 'the classic checkerboard is making a comeback.' But this look does not have to be limited to the typical black and white tones. 'We are working on a Spanish-style project at the moment that has subtle cream and terracotta checkerboard tones, which feels a bit less bold than the traditional contrast of black and white,' Shannon adds.

3. It's all in the details

a beige tiled bathroom with storage

(Image credit: Lang Thomas Photography. Design: Britney Groneck)

Opting for a more timeless tile style does not mean you can't experiment with more exciting design elements in your bathroom. Play around with your accessories as a low-commitment way of testing out new bathroom trends, and incorporating your personal style into your bathroom.

Follow Julia Macks advice: 'Try to keep bright and trendy colors in bathrooms to easy to change out accessories like towels, soaps and candles to be certain your space always looks fresh and attractive.'

4. Selecting your material

A porcelain, white tiled bathroom

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'The bathroom flooring must be a hard surface, water resistant, and good for traction to avoid accidents,' explains Sabrina Maclean of Hino Studios.

Your bathroom tiles have to do more than just look good, and making a choice based purely on looks can lead to issues with functionality and useability.

'Porcelain and mosaic tiles are one of the most common and effective ones,' says Sabrina. 'They are durable and versatile, with a wide variety of colors and designs in the market. And, they are a cost-effective alternative to natural stone.'

'Porcelain tends to be the most popular choice for bathroom flooring as it is less porous and it is suitable for floor heaters to keep feet warm when temperatures are cold' agrees Bea Pernia, founder of Bea Interior Design. 'Porcelain also provides a clean design that will make the bathroom feel soft and elegant.'

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