This viral hack makes your sofa look brand new using household items you already own

This is the easiest way to make your couch look brand new, and you probably already have everything you need

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As the weather gets colder and days get shorter we inevitably spend more time on our sofas. It's one of the most used pieces of furniture in the home which means it's one of the dirtiest too, but how often have you actually cleaned your couch?

Fortunately, as I was scrolling on TikTok while sitting on my own uncleaned sofa, I came across a viral hack to solve just that. This couch-cleaning hack has amassed over 83 million views and has been praised by cleaning influencers all over the platform. It promises to have your sofa looking brand new for a fresh modern living room in no time, and it uses household items you probably already own. Here's how it works.

It might not look like much, but this trick is a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning upholstered sofas. What's better still is that you probably have all the tools needed already in the house, so it won't cost you a penny. If, like me, you've suddenly become repulsed by your living room sofa, there's no excuse to not get cleaning straight away.

All this cleaning hack requires is a laundry capsule, some hot water, a saucepan lid, and a microfiber cloth like this one from Amazon. To start, add the capsule to a large bowl of hot water, stirring until it dissolves. (Alternatively, you can use a liquid detergent.) Next, dunk your cloth into the cleaning water, ring out the excess, then lay the cloth out with the pan lid on top, securing it in place with a knot at the top.

Once you've created your miracle tool simply swipe it over your sofa, remembering to get into every nook to get all the dirt out. If you dare, take a look at the cloth to see just how much dirt was hiding in your fabric (but be warned, you might regret not doing it sooner). 

Yet again, we're equipped with another viral TikTok hack we never knew we needed in our lives until now. If you want an uber-clean couch and a welcoming home that smells like fresh laundry, give this trick a go ahead of holiday hosting season. 


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