This Is the Most Comfortable Type Of Bed, Designers Agree — And It (Almost) Has Nothing to Do With the Mattress

Interior designers love using this type of bed in makeovers because it is the most comfortable

Contemporary upholstered bed in light colors with room divider to separate it from living space
(Image credit: Genevieve Garruppo)

As one tries to dream, only to toss and turn repeatedly before actually catching any Zzzs, you can't help but wonder whether it's a you problem, or a bed problem. Especially if you've only recently updated your mattress, and refreshed your sleeping space...

In the most stunning bedroom makeovers, you'll see an array of frames that bring the look together; from canopy beds to antique wooden headboards that ooze with character. But looks aside for a moment, which is actually the most comfortable?

For a sleeping space that is as beautiful as it is comfortable, we asked designers what their go-to frame is for modern bedrooms.

What is the most comfortable type of bed, according to designers?

As one of the most important pieces of bedroom furniture, which is the best? Ward + Gray is an interior design firm founded by Christie Ward and Staver Gray. The design duo recently fitted out the cabins of Wildflower Farms in the Hudson Valley, where the surrounding landscape was a unique source of inspiration for the truly sumptuous and modern bedroom finish.

The cabin beds are built from warm-toned wood, a stylish and charming choice for many bedrooms we can all agree. And we can only imagine how comfortable those rooms are. But beyond the trusty wooden bed, there is one type of bed they tend to favor... 'We love to use an upholstered headboard for the utmost comfort,' shares Christie Ward.

Contemporary upholstered bed in light colors with room divider to separate it from living space

(Image credit: Genevieve Garruppo. Design: Ward + Gray)

Comfy, gorgeous, and sturdy, who could argue? And the design duo are not alone. Interior designer Amy Youngblood is also a fan of an upholstered bed and shares the exact frame she is currently enjoying: 'I love and own the Vanguard Wescott King Bed.' Here it is:

Gray Vanguard Wescott King Bed in gray bedroom with minimal decor

(Image credit: Stephen Paul photography. Design: Amy Youngblood interiors)

'It is a very clean-lined upholstered bed that is more cushy and cozy than your average upholstered bed,' adds Amy. 'This bed in a soft neutral fabric is a long-wearing, yet stylish frame that goes with so many contemporary and even transitionally styled bedrooms!'

For good measure, New York-based interior designer Lori Miller – whose practice LGC Interior Design, is centered on creating calm spaces for clients – also leans towards this bed type for comfort: 'Beyond adding a personal stylish touch to your bedroom, my personal pick and favorite go-to's are upholstered platform beds.'

Why a bed with an upholstered headboard?

Naturally, we sleep here, but what is a bed if not a place to relax and unwind in too? This seems to be the ultimate reason why designers go-to an upholstered bed with a headboard every time versus other frame material finishes.

'We love to feel the soft upholstery while sitting upright, reading a book before bed,' continues Christie Ward. 'While we love the look of a wood or iron headboard, we feel the upholstery feels more like a home.'

What are the other fundamentals for a comfortable bed?

There are lots of different features that impact your home comfort in a bed setup, beyond the sheets. The base is an essential place to start: 'A bed frame’s essential function is to support your mattress and foundation,' adds Lori. But, there are other more specific criteria to consider too, like access and your current mattress. Amy shares more details about the aforementioned bed and why it suits her:

'The headboard sits a bit low but yet is supportive on one’s back at a 49.5” height with a sturdy 27” high footboard that just aligns with my mattress. This creates an open yet supportive frame.'

Choosing a bed frame that is adjustable can also be wise, especially for anyone with back, neck, or other chronic pain issues adds Lori. 'Adjusting the incline on your bed can lead to pressure relief and help significantly reduce back and neck pain. These beds come with a remote control, allowing you to change the angle at which you sleep and the bed height.'

How do you pick the most comfortable bed for you?

Naturally, choosing the right bed manufacturer or designer is important. They will focus on the details, like the foundation to support your mattress, sourcing the best materials, and building the bed itself with craftsmanship that translates into the utmost comfort.

Designers have their go-to's, but at the end of the day, everyone sleeps differently and has unique needs. From the choice for how to sleep better (and interior design) styles, to the mattress height.

'What constitutes a truly comfortable bed differs for each sleeper's life­style, habits, and design preferences,' highlights Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight studio. 'A bed that stands firmly on a stable base with straightforward styling makes an ideal choice.'

Tapping into your own preferences is key. A cushioned headboard that makes you feel enveloped in pure luxury, might be your ideal comfort zone. On the other hand, if you're more at home and 'comfortable' in a traditional style bed frame, like a wooden canopy, this might be what you need for a super cozy slumber. 'Four posts hold up fabric panels creating a serene, shielded space,' adds Artem. It all depends on you.

How can I make my bedroom more comfortable?

If you want to maximize that cozy feel in a bedroom, go all out as Ward + Gray like to do. 'We love to layer a bed beyond the standard bedding,' says Staver Gray. 'For bedding itself, always white, but we'll then add a great colorful cashmere throw and a decorative pillow to bring in the other fabrics in the room.' Pay attention to other items that will tap into the sensory experience of your space, too; the bedroom rug, lighting, and even bedroom wall art can impact comfort levels.

With a fresh bed and perhaps a trial of the 'over-the-head-pillow' trick, you're sure to get some restorative shuteye. If a new upholstered bed is what your space needs, here are some beautiful options that I would happily sleep in:

Be mindful of your personal needs and always speak with a doctor if you have mobility or sleep issues.

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