5 Things to do to Your Yard That Will Actually Help Sell Your Home, According to Stagers

Elevating your yard doesn't need to be a big job right before you move on somewhere else, but according to the professionals, these additions are bound to get people excited about buying your home for themselves

a front yard of a house
(Image credit: Kody Kohlman. Design: Tilly Designs)

When it comes to selling your home, it’s important to remember that it’s not only the interior that matters. The outside is the first thing viewers will lay eyes on, so you’ll want to catch their eye from the very beginning.

But without making major renovations, what can you do to improve your curb appeal and ensure buyers like the look of your home enough to put in an offer?

Here are the top 5 additions that should help you sell your home, according to stagers.

1. Give it a clean up

an outdoor deck with an outhouse

(Image credit: Custom Home Design by Nina Lichtenstein)

First impressions are everything when it comes to selling a home, so why is the front of the house and its surroundings bypassed so easily? Tidy front yard landscaping can significantly enhance the appeal of a home right from the very beginning, even when potential buyers are browsing online, they will naturally be more drawn to a photo with a tidy yard than one that’s not; it means less distractions and more optimism for what’s inside.

‘A tidy yard sets the tone for the rest of the property,' says Cate Singleton, Director of Design of landscaping studio Tilly’s. 'A well-maintained exterior suggests that the home has been cared for, implying to buyers that the interior is likely also well-kept.’ A clutter-free and manicured yard allows buyers to envision themselves living in the space more easily, ‘They will be able to imagine themselves relaxing there, rather than the tons of yard work to get the property where they want it!’ Consider repairing any obvious defects to the property's exterior and give everything a good clean to freshen things up.

2. Include an outdoor entertainment area

an outdoor seating area

(Image credit: Kody Kohlman. Design: Tilly Designs)

Dedicating a specific area to social gatherings offers viewers an insight as to how life can be in this home. ‘Create inviting outdoor spaces that showcase the potential for relaxation and socializing,' founder of Custom Home Design, Nina Lichtenstein says. 'A well-designed patio, deck, or even a cozy outdoor seating area can emphasize the versatility of your yard. Include such things as a pergola with seating underneath, a firepit, a tree house where the kids can entertain themselves, or even an outdoor kitchen.’

3. Set up a well-kept play area

If you have kids or if your neighborhood is family-friendly, consider adding a play area for children. A little secret garden area for dens and games, a swing set, a sandbox, or even a small playhouse can make your yard irresistible to buyers already with little ones or looking to start a family. Also, consider skipping any additions that signal danger, such as a swimming pool or pond.

4. Create a Zen Zone

a modern home with landscaping around a pool

(Image credit: Dig Studio)

A designated peaceful oasis area is a beautiful addition for anyone. From water features, to a Japanese garden area with sand and rocks, or even just a bench to sit and enjoy the calm and nature - these all add something positive to the property. They create a soothing ambiance and can be the focal point that captures the attention of potential buyers.

5. Pay attention to the details

a well lit backyard

(Image credit: Nathan Heinrich)

Never underestimate the details. Think modern garden lighting, mirrors, and planters filled with healthy perennials. ‘Assuming your home has a fresh coat of paint and the landscape is tidy, lighting is often an overlooked element that can instantly elevate your home and make it look great from dusk to dawn. The best landscape lighting draws attention to what it's highlighting rather than on the lights themselves. If you walk through a well-lit garden you will notice the plants, fountains, and pathways rather than the lights,’ says Horticulturist and botanical designer, Nathan Heinrich.

Strategically placed mirrors can help soften a yard, making it warm and homely. Added storage is also a great investment prior to a sale, and it’s worth opting for a design to suit your home and yard: ‘A shed provides a solution for storing tools, outdoor equipment, and seasonal items, helping to declutter the main living areas and garage. It takes out any stress a new buyer may have on where to store things to keep their home organized,’ says Cate. Lastly, ensure you fill your planters with life ensuring a welcoming ambiance. Perennials are great for reassuring growth and bloom over a long period or time.

Consider this list of ideas and be sure to work out where’s best to invest in your case. You’ll never please everyone, but these extra details will at least get people talking and imagining living at your property in the future

Portia Carroll

Portia Carroll is an interior stylist, writer, and design consultant. With a background in interior architecture and design, she has a plethora of creative experience in the industry working with high end interior brands to capture beautiful spaces and products and enhance their qualities.