Should my bed be facing the door? Why the wrong bedroom layout could be disrupting your sleep

According to Feng Shui, the position of the bed in relation to the door is one of the most important layout decisions you'll make

A bed facing the door
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Where you sleep and how you are positioned is an important part of Feng Shui, as it plays a big role in your health, wellness, and state of mind. The bed, being the most important piece of furniture in your home, and its position can help determine the flow of qi in your space. Where and how it is placed, along with its surrounding elements, is one to take note of.

To help you understand the right bedroom Feng Shui, we spoke to top experts from the field. Here are some important pointers to keep in mind. 

Should a bed face the door?

A bedroom with the bed facing the door

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The simple answer to this is yes. 'When you are lying in bed you should be able to see the entrance or door into your bedroom,' says Laura Morris co-founder of Mindful Design Feng Shui School and co-host of the Holistic Spaces Podcast. 'In Feng Shui, we call this command or commanding position. But you want to avoid being directly in line with the door. Feet pointing toward the door and a bed directly in line with the door is called coffin position in Feng Shui. So, it is best to offset the line between the bed and the door, so you can see the door but you are not in line with it.'

'According to BTB (Black Sect Tradition) feng shui, the best direction for your bed should be facing the door but you want it to be slightly diagonal,' says Feng Shui expert, Anjie Cho. 'This is the principal way in which to lie in your bed. Also, while speaking of furniture arrangement, you don't want to place anything in front of a window, blocking it and its inflowing energy.'

While the above is true, for the perfectly curated modern bedroom, as per certain experts, the direction of the bed can also be determined as per your specific energy needs.

'When understanding bed placement from a Feng Shui perspective, it's important to note that the direction your bed faces refers to where your head points while you sleep,' says Jane Langof, founder of Feng Shui Concepts. 'The goal of a Feng Shui master is to align your bed's position with the direction that best supports your energy. This is determined based on your birth date and your home's energy map. While everyone's ideal bed-facing direction is unique to their circumstances, there are general Feng Shui guidelines to follow.

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What is the best direction for your bed?

A bed placed against a wall

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For the most peaceful master bedroom, consider placing the bed in a commanding position. 'According to Feng Shui, the primary rule is to position the head of your bed against a solid wall diagonally opposite the door, where energy is considered to be most settled,' says Jane. 'If there are no disturbances like additional doors or an electrical meter box on the other side of the wall, this location should be conducive to a good night's rest.'

'To maintain the energy around you while sleeping, avoid placing your bed against a window, as windows serve as portals for energy to escape,' says Jane, 'If you require small windows on the bedhead wall for design purposes such as natural light or ventilation, ensure they are situated high above the bed.'

'This philosophy of sleeping in the commanding position is visceral for all living creatures,' says Julia Sarasola, founder of Sarasola Interiors. 'We want to be able to see and prepare for what comes our way, not be surprised or feel attacked. And this feeling applies to energy and the flow of qi too.'

'It’s definitely not an arrangement you come across often but if you’re drawn toward setting up your bed in the middle of the room, I’d highly recommend making sure you have a super solid headboard or create some sort of anchor or barrier behind your head, like a wall of plants,' says Julia. 

Is it okay for the bed to face the closet?

A bed facing the mirrored closet

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'According to feng shui, a bed facing a closet is not normally an issue,' says Laura. 'It would become an issue if, for example, the closet doors hit the bed when it's opened or when you are lying in bed you look at a disorganized and cluttered closet.'

'I once had a client that had no closet doors and would fall asleep and wake up facing a cluttered, overflowing closet,' Laura adds. 'We decluttered and then hung beautiful curtains to cover the closet so she could have a more restful sleep.'

What's the biggest mistake you can make in positioning the bed?

A bedroom facing a window

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Wondering how to sleep better? If you follow feng shui, there are a few rules to follow, and some to stay away from.

'Having any portion of your body in line with the door can be very unsettling and lead to health issues, especially related to the particular part of the body that is in direct line with the door,' says Julia. 

'Having the head of the bed on the same wall as the door to the room can be super disturbing and make you feel like you’re on edge all the time,' says Julia. 'Try to avoid squeezing yourself/ your bed into tight, narrow, or sloped ceiling areas. Although it might seem cozy at first this placement creates a lot of energetic pressure from the sides or above which can manifest as anxiety, unexplained stress, migraines, or a feeling like the weight of the world is coming down on you.' 

'Avoid any part of your bed facing the door when it's opened,' says Jane. 'This is to avoid the rush of energy towards the bed, which could indicate health issues with the part of your body the door faces. For example, if the door faces your head, you may be more susceptible to headaches. If your bed faces a door, keep it closed while you sleep. If your bed is in a good position, having the bed face a window is acceptable, provided other layout factors of the home are considered. For bedroom windows, heavy curtains or blinds are recommended to be drawn at night, to contain energy while sleeping.'

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