'No holes necessary!' - This is the easiest way to hang your Christmas wreath without damaging your door

No decor is worth irreparable damage to your home, so check out this super simple way to adorn your door this year

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Christmas is here, which means it's time to make your home look as ornate as possible, inside and out. As December approaches you'll be dusting off your wreath to hang on your door (or buying a fresh one, of course) but with it comes the battle of how to secure it without causing permanent damage to your door. 

The most beautiful homes somehow always manage to hang their wreaths without any sign of wires or nails. Christmas decorating can be an overwhelming maze sometimes, especially when you aren't DIY-minded, but fortunately, social media is on hand to provide all the insider tips on how to achieve the perfect festive vista.

Say goodbye to strategic wires and power tools this Christmas. We've discovered the easiest way to hang your wreath that's affordable, invisible, and damage-free, with no holes necessary, making it especially perfect for the renters among us. This simple hack will instantly make your wreath look 10 times better and will have all your neighbors asking how you did it.

For many, hanging (or even making) a Christmas wreath is a family tradition and nostalgic ritual they do every yuletide. Nothing says Christmas quite like a neighborhood adorned by lights and festive foliage, but finding a way to fix a wreath to your door is easier said than done. 

As the design of Christmas wreaths has become more extravagant, they've become heavier and, as a result, more difficult to hang from your front door. Simply hooking the wreath over your door knocker might not be an option, and not all of us have one to start with. Now, wreaths require reinforced methods to ensure they stay in place all holiday season, but without wanting to cause permanent damage to your door, this can be difficult to achieve.

How do you hang a wreath on a front door without making holes?

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The obvious answer is to nail it in, but this is a surefire way to cause permanent damage to your front door or wall. Thankfully we've come across a great alternative that will keep your wreath secure and won't create holes in your home.

You're probably already familiar with adhesive strips in your home, especially if you're a renter, but did you know there are extra hardy hooks specifically for the outdoors? These nifty Command Hooks, available at Amazon, are ideal for hanging a wreath on your door. They hold up to 3lbs, withstand cold weather conditions, and require no specialist tools. All you need to do to try out this super easy and affordable way of putting up your wreath this year is remove the adhesive backing from the hook and position it on your door. We discovered this helpful trick from content creator Stephanie Aloe, who creates fun and clever DIY content for across the home.

After this, hook on your Christmas wreath creation and enjoy it all festive season. Once the new year rolls around and you're ready to rid your house of all Christmas decor, simply pull the command strip down to release and reveal a damage-free door. You're welcome!


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