What does your house number mean? Feng Shui experts break down what yours says about your home

According to Feng Shui and numerology, each number denotes an emotion and has an energy to it. Ever wondered what your house number means?

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What does your house number say about your home? There is a subtle connection between numerology and Feng Shui, and learning about the energies of particular numbers can help you harness positivity and qi into your home.

Your house number is something you can't change, so you'll find that none are necessarily bad luck. 'The house number should not really matter for the occupants living in the home from a Feng Shui perspective,' says Jane Langof, founder of Feng Shui Concepts, 'but certain numbers can give people the feeling of some luck.'

We asked some Feng Shui experts what your front door number means about your home's energy, and how to figure out what your 'number' really is. 

Theory of numerology and Feng Shui

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'Numerology is the belief that all numbers carry a vibration, and the energy behind each number carries personality traits, strengths, and difficulties,' says numerologist Nicole Claudat 'In Numerology all numbers are reduced down to the vibration of a single digit, for example, a 45 is reduced to a 9. This is achieved by adding the 4 and the 5. 4+ 5 = 9. If you live in an apartment, you want to use your specific apartment number rather than the number of the entire building. Remember, no number is bad or good in itself. Every number has a message and a theme that can be useful to your day-to-day life.'

Numbers aside, you can also invoke positivity by choosing welcoming front door plants that not only make the exteriors look good but also create a feeling of well-being. 

Note: If you're trying to calculate your house number as per Feng Shui, you want to add up all the numbers till you come to a single digit between 1-9. Whether your house number comprises two digits (for instance, 23, which is 2+3 =5), or four digits (for instance 4257, which is 4+2+5+7 = 18 = 1+8 = 9), the end number you're looking for should be a single one.

What does each house number mean?

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There is a certain vibration and connotation to the house number signs and you can hone those numbers for your good.

1: 'A house with the number 1 is a great haven for being independent,' says Nicole. 'It can also be a very fitting place for a person starting a new business from their home. The person who occupies this home will feel like a leader with strong determination and much integrity.'

2: 'This is a wonderful place to start a new, serious relationship,' says Nicole. 'This number carries the vibration of relationships, cooperation, and working as a team unit. Great patience is required to live in a home with the vibration of the 2 because you will need to be understanding of others' short-comings in order to attain the peace and cooperation this number desires.'

3: This is great for those seeking creativity. It is also a number that will promote friendship, joy and serve as a great place for entertaining guests. 

4: 'This is the home for the detail-oriented,' says Nicole. 'Living under this vibration promotes practical decisions and loyal relationships. Careers usually take precedence in a number 4 home.'

5: This number is full of energy, creativity, adventure, and change. It's a great house number for people who like to pick up and travel last minute. 

6: This number is harmonious and balanced and will help you keep a well-maintained home. You will find many people coming to you for understanding and advice living in a 6 home. 

7: 'The best people to live in a home under the 7 would be people who like solitude and quiet,' says Nicole. 'This a wonderful place for writers, researchers, professors, scientists, and people who would prefer to be left  in their home with their mind at work.'

8: 'The number 8 is widely regarded to be the luckiest house number because number 8 sounds like the Chinese word for wealth,' says Jane Langof. 'Numbers ending in 8 are generally associated with good fortune. However, this is a Chinese cultural belief and not traditional Feng Shui theory. Traditional Feng Shui methods use numbers to calculate the quality of energy in a home based on the orientation of the property and the building date, however, these formulas are not concerned with the house number.'

9: This is perfect for those who want to help others. There is a sense of worldliness to this home and projects are usually never left undone.

In reality, the Feng Shui of numbers isn't a big concern for most followers of the practice, but it's interesting to know. 'I would say that the 'luckiest' number is the number of your home now,' says Dana Claudat, a Feng Shui expert. 'You will grow in different ways in different homes.' 


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