Does Spotify work with HomePod? An Apple smart home may not mean switching music services

Worried you won't be able to use your current music service with a HomePod speaker? Don't be - it could just make listening better.

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Music is one of those incredibly personal things, and it never feels right when technology gets in the way of us curating those perfect playlists and album collections. So what if you have embedded yourself in one streaming service but want a speaker that won't necessarily play nice?

Streaming platforms like Spotify are now the majority of people's chosen method of listening to music (though shout-out to the vinyl revival!), and the rise of smart speakers that can do pretty much anything except wash the dishes has meant that we need to think more and more about compatibility when choosing what we include in our home setups.

So does Spotify work with Apple's HomePod, for example? The short answer is yes, but it won't be as easy as pairing Apple Music. Keep reading to see how to do it, and for advice on how to get the best experience. For more, take a look at our guide to the best smart speakers.

What are the benefits of using HomePod for music?

Speaking generally, HomePod speakers are an excellent choice if you want a good audio experience along with smart home control, as Apple's speakers are generally considered (including by us) to have the best audio offering compared to their main competitors. This is partly down to the tech inside and Apple's team of experts, of course, but HomePod speakers also offer additional processing methods, such as adaptive sound - which can tune the music to your environment.

No matter which music streaming app you prefer, HomePod and HomePod mini speakers are a great choice for audiophiles, but you won't be able to tap into everything they can do without Apple Music. That's because of the Dolby Atmos and lossless formats that Apple's music service offers, which has so far gone unmatched by Spotify and other services.

Connecting Spotify with HomePod speaker on iPhone

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How to connect Spotify with your Homepod

If you can't be swayed from Spotify and are dead-set on pairing your tunes with the HomePod, then there are a few simple steps you need to follow.

1. Connect your iPhone or other iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as your HomePod speaker.

2. Open Spotify on your iOS device and start playing music.

3. Select the 'connect to a device' symbol and scroll down to 'Bluetooth or Airplay'.

4. Select your HomePod, and the music should start playing.

What is AirPlay?

If you're not yet familiar with AirPlay, it is basically Apple's answer to 'casting' technology and allows you to wirelessly transfer content from your iPhone or iOS device to your TV or speaker. Both devices in the process much support AirPlay and similarly to Chromecast, both must also be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

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What are the downsides to using Spotify with a HomePod speaker?

Apple products are always designed to work best with other Apple products, so it's no surprise that the best audio pairing experience will be through Apple Music and HomePod speakers. While there are workarounds like the above, listening to your tunes this way will remove functionality such as handoff, stereo pairing, and using the Siri smart assistant to control playback.

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What are the best alternatives to Spotify?

Though Spotify is probably the most widely known and used music streaming platform, there are plenty of alternatives to consider.

  • Apple Music - offering added interviews, live concerts, and documentaries, as well as Atmos and lossless songs.
  • YouTube Music - a music streaming service that folds in the plethora of music content on YouTube, including live performances, lyric videos, and other visuals.
  • Tidal - the other obvious choice for audiophiles, the service also offers lossless and hi-res audio and has a separate section for music videos and live performances.
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