4 Design Rules to Take Away From This 'Warm Minimalist' Beverly Hills Apartment

This sun-soaked apartment, styled with iconic decor from B&B Italia, is a lesson in creating a minimalist space that feels warm and inviting

A living room with netural decor and a sage green sofa
(Image credit: Mandarin Oriental / B&B Italia)

Beverly Hills is a renowned luxury destination, a place where palm tree-lined streets and star-studded eateries meet within the most famous and desirable zip code in the US. If you're looking for a taster of lavish urban life in this sprawling West Coast neighborhood, this model apartment embodies just that. 

With decor provided by B&B Italia, the three-bedroom home - part of the new Mandarin Oriental Residences - offers respite in the middle of Los Angeles and a turnkey offering to interested buyers visiting the complex. The warm, minimalist space features iconic pieces such as the Camaleonda Sofa and Le Bambole Armchair by Mario Bellini, as well as lighting from Flos, Gabriele & Oscar Buratti, and more. 

These modern residences offer all the conveniences of a hotel without the short-term stays. Developed by SHVO, the property offers 54 homes - all with outdoor space - and is the Mandarin Oriental brand’s first residential location on the West Coast. Internationally acclaimed design studio 1508 London oversaw all of the building’s interior design, and prospective buyers also have the opportunity to purchase fully furnished homes with appointments from B&B Italia. 

'Located moments from Rodeo Drive, the Mandarin Oriental Residences Beverly Hills offer a lifestyle that cannot be found anywhere else,' says Michael Shvo, Chairman and CEO of SHVO. 'We are delighted to offer thoughtfully designed residences by B&B Italia, allowing buyers to sign a contract, close the transaction, and move into a fully furnished residence – all on the same day.' Here, we take a look inside a model furnished apartment and discover the key design lessons to take away and apply in your own modern home.   

1. Choose a neutral palette to add warmth

A kitchen with a stone island, bar stools, and a large dining table in the foreground

(Image credit: Mandarin Oriental / B&B Italia)

Warm minimalism is the design style on everyone's lips right now, but it's an aesthetic more easily said than done. Minimalist interiors - often stark, unsaturated spaces - aren't always considered the most warm or inviting, but this apartment makes a true case for marrying the two elements of design. 

If you're decorating with a neutral color scheme, the key is to choose warm shades with yellow undertones - a trick that works just as excellently in sun-soaked spaces as it does in dark north-facing ones. 'The B&B Italia model residence at Mandarin Oriental Residences, Beverly Hills incorporates a color palette that is airy and truly lets you embrace the spacious surroundings,' says Francesco Farina, CEO of B&B Italia USA

'The palette is especially important when trying to make a home feel warm, comforting and inviting,' he goes on to say. 'Neutral colors, like the soft sands and warm whites that we incorporated at Mandarin Oriental Residences, Beverly Hills evoke a sense of serenity and calm that can be immediately felt as you walk in the door.'

2. Use furniture to add pops of color

An open plan living room with a sage green sofa and large floor to ceiling windows

(Image credit: Mandarin Oriental / B&B Italia)

Even the most neutrally decorated spaces should include subtle pops of color to offer a point of contrast. In this apartment, B&B Italia's styling uses a foundational palette, incorporating color only through the statement furniture, rather than the walls. 

'Color for Italians is essential and we share that with LA,' says Francesco. 'The Camaleonda sofa in sage green, designed by Mario Bellini, anchors the spacious living room. The neutral palette with the subtle pops of color allowed us to connect to the natural architectural elements that were already provided in the home: travertine, light oak, glass, and marble, which are all tones naturally found within the Los Angeles landscape.' 

If you're looking for ways to add pops of color to a living room but don't want to commit to a bold statement sofa, go for easily interchangeable soft furnishings instead. Think - brightly-hued rugs, throw pillows, or curtains. 

3. Embrace natural light

A neutral bedroom with a large floor to ceiling window

(Image credit: Mandarin Oriental / B&B Italia)

It's easy to embrace bright, sunny light in Beverly Hills, but no matter the space you're working with, leaning into the natural lighting will always do your design a lot of favors. 

'The natural light in California adds a layer of depth, which was particularly important for the bedrooms within this residence,' Francesco explains. 'As much as we can appreciate a dark space to sleep in, there is nothing like waking up with the LA sun shining down upon you. Within the primary bedroom, we incorporated an Alys bed designed by Gabriele & Oscar Buratti. The sleek lines here are enchantingly androgynous, and the earthy taupe hue allows for the chalk white of the accent walls to become anchoring, warm, and breezy.'

If embracing minimalism, this is especially important. When you're not relying on so many layered textures or soft furnishings, attention to lighting is paramount. The combination of natural and artificial light sources will have a far greater impact, so they should be even more considered. 

4. Be bold in small spaces

A powder room with patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Mandarin Oriental / B&B Italia)

Decorating a home with a warm minimalist aesthetic doesn't mean you can't experiment with bolder designers at all. Small spaces, such as powder rooms or walk-in pantries, offer the perfect opportunity to do something braver and bolder. For example, in the apartment B&B Italia worked on, a patterned wallpaper is used in the powder room. 'This presents a way of experiencing another side of the residence,' says Francesco. 'We envision the people living there to be outgoing, festive, and well-traveled.'

An entryway with white walls and a black console table

(Image credit: Mandarin Oriental / B&B Italia)

Similarly, the contrastive use of black and white in the entryway adds a depth and dimension not seen elsewhere in the apartment. 'The entry space was meant for those who are bold, innovative, and visionary,' notes Francesco. 'Here's a space that you can come home to, that feels warm and welcoming, yet carries your individual mark.' 

For a warm minimalist space that feels characterful and inviting, follow these four design tips taken from this Beverly Hills apartment. The only thing you won't be able to replicate is the hilly California vistas! 

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