5 dehumidifier benefits that make it a home essential to up your quality of life

These dehumidifier benefits can change the healthiness of your home and may even save you money

dehumidifier benefits
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Dehumidifier benefits are greater in number these days than ever before. As the technology becomes more advanced all the top-end features are now becoming more affordable. 

The fact that dehumidifiers now look like they actually go through a design department, to be let out of the cupboard and into any room, is an aesthetic bonus. Like the best air purifiers, they are also quieter running than ever before, making them a viable option in many rooms of your home.

But if you're here you may already have a reason for getting one, like tackling mould or even drying clothes. This guide will clarify all the benefits of a dehumidifier so you can see if it's the right tool to get your home just how you want it right now.

5 dehumidifier benefits for a happier home 

1. They tackle mould


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Primarily,a dehumidifier is there to remove moisture from the air in your home. This means you're left with drier air, which is ideal in most home situations. One problem that can result from damp air is mould. Once started, this can grow and cause damage to your wallpaper and even your walls.

Mould needs moisture to grow and it is this which dehumidifiers take away. Since mould in your home can lead to breathing problems and even immune system issues, it's worth tackling early. This is especially so for the elderly, very young or poorly.

A dehumidifier set up in the room where the mould is can stop it from growing. Allowing you to bleach clean the area so that it can't come back. It's also worth finding the cause of the damp though, as a dehumidifier isn't meant to be a long term or permanent fix.

2. Dehumidifiers can dry your clothes


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Since a dehumidifier will suck the moisture out of the air, it'll also work to dry your clothes. Yup, these will drink up the moisture from your fresh laundry allowing it to dry quicker. Some models come with a clothes setting and claim they can dry more efficiently than a dryer machine. 

This will leave the room warm and dry with the smell of fresh laundry in the air, while getting your clothes ready quicker than leaving them by a radiator would. It's worth using a smaller room where you can close the door and windows for the most efficient drying. It also pays to remove any plants in case you dry them out in the process.

3. Dehumidifiers can help reduce allergy symptoms


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Allergies might be a common problem but fixing the symptoms need not be a rarity. Dehumidifiers can actually work to help reduce the problem for things like sneezing, wheezing, eye irritation and more. How? By cutting down common allergy triggers like mold, dust mites, pollen and animal dander.

Yup, you guessed it, drying out your home properly can keep all those to a minimum. Dust mites are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to moisture. These need a relative humidity level of 65 to survive and procreate. It just so happens that a trusty dehumidifier will keep levels below that so they won't want to stop in your home.

4. Dehumidifiers can protect your home furnishings


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A dehumidifier can actually pay for itself in how it will help to keep your furniture newer for longer, extending their lives. How's that for a longterm way to reduce bills? Moisture can affect furniture negatively, leading to mildew and that musty smell you may have noticed in poorly ventilated properties.

That said, if the air gets too dry it can damage antique wooden furniture with warping and cracks. But, since a dehumidifier lets you pick the level at which it works, you won't have to worry about this. Find the ideal level and all your furnishings will be happy, living their longest and best lives.

5. They create a healthy environment


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On top of helping to alleviate allergy symptoms, dehumidifiers also work to make your home a better living environment. That means they can help those with asthma breathe easier as drier air is lighter and easier to breath. But it will also keep potential invaders from your home.

Spiders, cockroaches and silverfish are all potential unwanted house guests that thrive in moist environments. Lower humidity levels keep them at bay and help anyone with COPD.

A good dehumidifier, in a humid climate, can even help your home feel cooler, making the environment that much more comfortable.

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