7 Things People With Perfectly Organized Attics Know to do

It’s time to organize that attic, but what are the top tips from people who have perfected the job? Read on to find out…

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Many people don’t realize just how much unused space there is above our ceilings, and how it can be transformed into something so brilliant to help our everyday lives.

When you decide the time has come to tackle this upper level of your home, take some inspiration from the professionals and find out exactly what they do to change the attic from a state of chaos to a place of calm, where all of your belongings that need storing away are can be found in immaculate order and within reach.

1. Keep an inventory

Keep an inventory. This may come across a little intense at first, but like it or not, it’s the structure that will hold your attic storage system in place. By keeping track of what is stored in your attic, you’ll never have to search for something again. It also prevents buying duplicates.

‘I encourage my clients to use the notes app and store a brief inventory of attic contents so things aren't forgotten,' Amy Bloomer, founder of Let Your Space Bloom says. 'Some even take pictures and attach them to the file.’ This makes the whole process much simpler and accessible 24/7.

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2. Declutter, clean and categorize before storing

A good clean out and declutter before the job of organizing begins is vital, ‘It's satisfying to clear out unneeded clutter and really assess what provides value as long-term storage.’ says Judi Kutner, Realtor and Senior Contributor at Virtual Staging.

You can then begin sorting similar items into logical groups to store away. ‘People with organized attics know the importance of categorizing items before storing them. Whether it's holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, or sentimental items, having a clear plan helps maintain order.’ says Karina Toner, Operations Manager at Spekless.

3. Maximize space

Everyone's attic space will be a different shape and size, but to maximize yours to its full potential you’ll need to make the most of every nook and cranny it features, and if this means investing in custom built storage furniture, then so be it. ‘Perfectly organized attics make the most of vertical space by incorporating sturdy shelving units and racks.’ says Karina, this prevents clutter on the floor and allows for efficient use of space.

4. Protection from the elements

It’s worth ensuring there is proper ventilation integrated within the space, checking for any extreme temperatures/changes in temperature and no direct sunlight on any items which are stored long-term to avoid deterioration.

‘People with organized attics understand the impact of temperature and humidity,' advises Karina. 'They use climate-controlled storage solutions or consider insulation to protect sensitive items from damage. Attics can experience extreme temperatures. Those in the know store temperature-sensitive items away from the attic or use insulation to moderate temperature fluctuations.’

5. Quality storage containers

The professionals suggest opting for transparent, airtight containers, and preferably stackable ones. ‘Stackable containers not only save space but also create a tidy and organized appearance and transparent bins provide visibility, allowing you to see the contents without opening each box. This eliminates the guesswork and streamlines the retrieval process,’ recommends Karina.

For extra protection, Amy advises ‘Include silica gel packets (like these from Amazon) to prevent moisture/pests from damaging the contents.’

6. Label, label, label

This simple step ensures you can easily locate items without rummaging through stacks of boxes. ‘Labels are your best friend,’ states Karina. Make sure they’re large enough to read and update them if any changes are made to the contents.

You can even take things one step further and opt for organizing QR code stickers, which you can program to list exactly what's inside each box when you scan it with your phone's camera. Try these organizing stickers from Amazon out for size.

7. Regularly assess

According to Karina, ‘Those with perfectly organized attics conduct seasonal audits.’ Regularly assessing the contents of your attic, purging items that you no longer need or use prevents unnecessary accumulation over time. This will also make the space easier to maintain and wont allow it to be seen as a dumping ground for any miscellaneous belongings you want to deal with at a later date.

By implementing these key strategies, you will gain a perfectly organized attic with a cohesive storage plan. ‘Remember, the goal is not just to store items but to create a system that allows for easy access, maintains order, and preserves the condition of your belongings,’ guides Karina. Well-crafted attic designs become an extension of the living space and if the day comes where you want to sell up, Judi suggests, ‘Organized attics send the message that the sellers took great care of their home - leading to multiple offers and better sale prices.’ Never underestimate the power of a perfectly polished attic.

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Portia Carroll is an interior stylist, writer, and design consultant. With a background in interior architecture and design, she has a plethora of creative experience in the industry working with high end interior brands to capture beautiful spaces and products and enhance their qualities.