It's more important than ever to re-use materials already in circulation, rather than plunder the precious limited resources we have, so Pallet Style by designers, Nikkita Palmer and Billy Baker, is a timely tome.

Laid out in easy-to-follow sections, the couple show how to up-cycle the rich (and often free) resource and turn into rather fetching furniture and accessories.

Used to transport goods throughout the world, pallets have become an increasingly common sight in our consumer society. It is estimated that there are over 10 billion pallets in use at any one time, with the majority of these sent directly to land fill after use.

However, Nikkita and Billy show how the reclaimed timber can be a clever alternative to shop-bought materials, particularly if you want to be hands on and create your own furniture and accessories.

After all as we begin to crave an authentic connection with the products we own, use and interact with, what better way to achieve this than by building them ourselves?

From where to find the pallets, how to dismantle them safely and how to build a platform bed, sofa, dining table or home bar to making smaller items such as display shelves, key racks and food trays, the bookis full of beautiful and practical piecesthat can be adapted and reinvented to suit a variety of styles and personalities.

Through the use of reclaimed, natural materials and the process of making,the projects described in the book are designed to be usedand loved.

The aim is for your creations to be full of character and lend style to your space, whether you go all out and make a pallet sofa, or simply use reclaimed wood from pallets to build a striking herb planter.

Pallet Style by Nikkita Palmer and Billy Barker, published by Kyle Books.

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