The unexpected hobby that’s trending on Instagram

An old school pastime is having a revival

In a world that is constantly ‘switched on’ with technology, it seems there’s been an unexpected revival of a certain old school hobby — one which many of our grannies will be familiar with.

That’s right, knitting is back for 2020. Over on Instagram the hashtag #KnittersOfInstagram has a staggering 6.3 million posts and #KnittersGottaKnit an impressive 497k. But a lesser-known hashtag #Knitflix is making its way up the ranks with 12.5k photos and counting, referencing one of the most popular pastimes of today — Netflix.

This is because more and more people are turning to knitting in their downtime, to relax.

While it may seem a little bizarre, it actually makes perfect sense that this trend has come back around. Studies have found knitting to help with stress and improve mental health, particularly with anxiety and depression. It’s a meditative activity which requires an individual to focus on what they are creating. This makes it a great way to practice mindfulness, too.

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So not only will you feel more relaxed, but you’ll also end up with a glorious homemade creation.

We rather love these colourful creations by Stine Leth who turns ordinary knitting into three dimensional sculptures which would look oddly cool and modern in a home.

Knitting is also a great sustainable solution to buying new clothes, with socks, jumpers, hats and more quite literally at your fingertips.

We’re particularly loving the way knitting is even being incorporated onto textural, bobbly rucksacks…

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For those looking to get involved in the trend, the #Knitflix hashtag will provide plenty of inspiration.

The 2020 knitter is also getting imaginative with their ideas and incorporating weaving and crochet techniques, too…


…as well as embellishment through beading.


Incorporating beads into the knitting makes them feel even more fun and original.


And as much as we’re loving the rucksacks and three dimensional sculptures and ornaments, knitted patterns are great on their own too and can be a canvas for textural, 3D shapes and patterns.

These designs by Anna Husemann would look lovely on their own, framed and on the wall.

With a bit of practice, you could even paint a picture using wool as your paint.

Who knows, maybe this knitting revival will be followed by a surge in other nostalgic activities. We’re secretly hoping that it will.

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